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How to prepare for a test in a short time

A test is an important type of examination. The final grade for the course often depends on the grade for the test, so you should take it seriously. Even if a student is confident about his knowledge of the discipline, it is better to take time to prepare. We will tell you how to prepare well for the test and do it as quickly as possible.

Why do you need test preparation?

The purpose of preparing for a test is to refresh the knowledge already obtained or to get new ones if a student has missed the study of any topic. Accordingly, the more topics missed, the more you have to learn and the more time it will take to prepare. If the student is familiar with the basic material, you can prepare in a few days, but if you still could not prepare, you can think about who can do my essay online not to fail the test.

How to properly prepare for a test

One of the main rules: you should not prepare from time to time, but systematically. A plan for preparing for the test will help:

  • collect the necessary material (list of questions to the test + notes and textbooks, where you can find answers).
  • to identify the problem places (what material from the program the student knows the poorest, what topics he does not understand).
  • work on solving the problems (work it out on your own or with a teacher or classmates).
  • make a schedule for repetition (e.g., 15-30 minutes every day, or an hour every other day).
  • on the eve of the work briefly repeat the most difficult places.

The specifics of the process will differ depending on the subject and the form of the test. For humanities subjects, it is usually enough to study theory, but for exact disciplines of natural sciences, you will have to practice solving exercises and doing practical tasks. To prepare for a history test, you need to memorize dates well, and to write translations you need to learn new vocabulary and grammar rules.

The rules for preparing for the test will also help:

  • Sleep enough. Only when you are fully rested you can perceive information properly.
  • Be outdoors: to start the thinking process, you need to get oxygen.
  • Eat properly: being hungry does not help the brain to work actively.
  • Do not try to absorb all the material in one day: set feasible tasks.
  • Prepare with a clear head, not when you are tired and want to relax.

These simple tips can help you prepare for a test, preserving your health and energy.

How to prepare quickly for a test

If there are only a few hours before the start of the test, and you just learned about it, you need to take emergency measures. In this case, we can no longer talk about systematic preparation and gradual repetition of passed material. It is necessary to focus on those topics which the student knows the worst or doesn't know at all and quickly fill in gaps with the help of an outline, a textbook, or the Internet. In such conditions, you should use any suitable time to prepare: a ride on public transport, waiting in line, and so on. At the same time, try to concentrate on the material, putting aside anxious feelings.

What to do if you are not prepared for the test

Even if a student found out about the test 5 minutes before it starts, you can still do something about it. And in this case, we have a few recommendations:

  • Do not panic because you know nothing. Anyway, you know some basics.
  • Analyzing the questions, looking for familiar terms in them, and reasoning logically. Write down even the little information you know, it's better than handing in a blank sheet.
  • As a last resort, gently look up your neighbor's work or ask a google question. Don't try to cheat off everything: sometimes one phrase is enough to understand what the question is about and write the answer yourself.

If you're not doing so well, and you know you're not getting a good grade, talk to your teacher about retaking the test, and then prepare properly for the next one.

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