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Five Ways To Avoid The Health Risks Of Being Too Busy

In today’s times, there is not one person who is calm and composed. The highly demanding life makes it quite impractical to be organized and idle. Everyone is tirelessly engaged in their own arduous routine.

Being busy is all well and good, it causes eustress which is positive stress capable of enhancing your output and efficiency. What one needs to truly avoid is letting this eustress convert to distress; which might take a toll on your overall health. The transition between the two is very swift and unnoticeable but once you do identify that your stress is getting exhaustive; you need to give it immediate attention.

Combining multiple roles such as those related to work and home life can create role conflicts and role overload, producing psychological distress and poor health. Self-care needs to become a priority since everything you do boils down to achieving one single thing – your wellbeing, your health.

Once you get engrossed with work, neglecting self needs becomes a habit that might be difficult to get rid of.

Here we are going to talk about five tips that can help you avoid the risks of being too busy; thereby ensuring you nurture yourself:

1] Stay Social

It cannot be emphasized enough how substantially your social life can determine your wellbeing. A wide range of research points out the fact that social ties are linked to a longer and healthier life. Social support is the most vital resource to protect psychological wellbeing. It indicates that others love and care for you, you are esteemed and valued, and are a part of a network of communications and mutual obligations. Social support can come from parents, spouse or partner, other relatives, friends or even a pet. It helps people thrive and experience less stress when they confront a stressful situation or are not feeling well. Not having social support in times of need is stressful and social isolation and loneliness are powerful predictors of health and longevity.

Social support can take several forms like –

  • Tangible assistance – provision of material support
  • Informational support- information and opinions of near and dear ones can help with coping
  • Emotional support- provision of reassurance that the individual is cherished and cared for.

Social support can lower the risks of illnesses, facilitate a speedy recovery, and also help tackle unhealthy health behaviours.

2] Food

Have you ever experienced burnout and right after consumption of food, felt all enthusiastic to work? Diet is a crucial determinant of wellbeing. Busy schedules often force us to abandon our meals. If not complete abandonment; it definitely leads to tampering with the timings of a meal. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. For improved focus and attention, your body needs to be well-nourished. Neglecting food reduces your energy level, impacts your mood, and negatively affects your productivity.

3] Sleep

Research indicates around 70 % of adults don’t get enough sleep. This not only affects productive capacity but also takes a toll on your health. Sleep-deprived people lose more than two work weeks’ worth of productivity every year. Contrary to the popular belief that overworking leads to peaceful sleep, overexertion exhausts the mind and affects your sleep patterns.

When you are well-rested, growth hormones that are released help your muscles relax, the blood pressure and heart rate are lowered, which gives you the break you need. Restoration leads to better cognition and enhances problem-solving skills.

Nutrition and sleep are basic needs for human survival hence before you ignore them, think critically.

4] Take advantage of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is a convenient option for so many of us. It involves connecting with an online doctor through the internet, instead of waiting for an appointment, traveling distances to avail medical health care. Many of us avoid visiting doctors because it hampers the routine. Taking advantage of the Telemedicine facility, one can avail of regular check-ups sitting right at home and keep their health intact.

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5] Define Your Priorities

An overloaded schedule and the fear of losing opportunities compels you to take up more work instead of doing what you love and what your body needs. When stuck in such a situation, you need to sit down and ponder what is truly important to you. Is the work you are taking up truly worth risking your health and disregarding your wants?

By turning a blind eye to the needs of the body and mind, you are welcoming side effects like reduced stamina, increased stress, weight gain, and so much more.

It’s time you pay heed to personal growth and maintenance. Reserve time in your busy schedule to adhere to your true needs and do not derail your commitment. Make time for the things that keep you happy; rest everything shall fall in place.

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