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Best Mass Communication and Media Programs in Canada

Mass Communication is a fast-growing industry where everyone can find a cool job. If you like to write, develop in the direction of a copywriter. For the sociable people, there is always marketing, and for the creative - there are design courses.

If you are full of creativity and want to dedicate your life to such kinds of professions, you should already think about the full training. Worldwide schools offer high-quality education. We will tell you about Canada — one of the popular places for education.

There are at least 5 reasons to study in Canada:

  • The low cost of tuition compared to other countries is open to other nations. The average cost of tuition in Canada starts at $17,000 per year, while in the States the minimum bar is $18,000 or more.
  • In QS World University Rankings 2022 you can find 3 Canadian universities among the top 100. This indicates a high quality of education for all categories.
  • International students in Canada are allowed to work part-time. This is 20-30 hours per week during the academic term. If it is expensive for you, you can have a part-time job in Canada at the same time.
  • In Canada, it is allowed to stay working in his or her profession after graduation if you are not from this country.
  • Each year, more than 250,000 study mass visit Canada in search of knowledge and degrees.

And so you don't have to search for the right choice, we've selected for you the top 5 courses in all of Canada.

University of British Columbia

The communication course at UBC (ranked 46th by QS World University Rankings 2022) is a graduate degree program in journalism. You can learn from Canada's top media professors in five semesters + a summer internship. They gain skills from creating creative audio and video to writing articles for news columns and blogs. With an individualized approach, you have an equal opportunity to develop and create unique projects.

The cost of the MA is $22661. For the MA — $46398. Annual tuition for other degrees starts at $7316 annually.

Professional Journalist of Conestoga

Conestoga College is one of Ontario's fastest-growing. It provides training ranging from first-step (for example — hotel management ) to serious economic and social courses.

In the two-year education, you will learn the basics of communication, audience research, and writing quality text information. Interviewing is pumped through both speech and computer science. Students also can learn on's internal site by pumping up their skills. On this website, they report on community life in Ontario.

“Conestoga provides advanced English if you're not fluent in English. But to get into the high school, you need to pass all the other requirements on the website and send an application,” noticed Sarah Gray, an expert writer from PapersOwl who researches international education.

The annual fee for the B.A. diploma is $14600.

Humber's Diploma in Media Communications

Life at Humber College after school graduation is not like other colleges in Canada.

Media Communication is divided into two semesters. First, you can gain skills in advertising, graphic design, and marketing. In the second semester, you will choose an area for in-depth learning.

Humber has an internship in the second semester. During the internship, everyone builds a personal portfolio with their best projects. The portfolio increases the chances of getting a job right after graduation.

The Media Communication program degree costs $14,273 annually.

Bachelor's and Master's Course at Concordia University

The 3-year Communication Studies offers students several options: the A major in journalism (60 credits); the B major(45 credits); and the B major (72 credits).

The MA in Digital Media Studies offers an understanding of journalism trends, technology, and experience. Specific topics include the arts, feminism, and the games industry.

Tuition for undergraduate media is $28480 each year. The MA course for students is $22425 for the entire course.

Tuition for the program may vary depending on your student status. There is a calculator to help you estimate the cost of your education.

University of Alberta

The university's undergraduate program includes several fields of study. These subjects include marketing, public relations, and copywriting. It is one of the best universities for international students in Canada, because you'll be able to major in any communication program that you choose to study in-depth. From editor to video game designer.

A year's tuition for the course costs $24,106.

Each year, the university selects the top 25 members for the MA in Communication. MACT costs $18280 per year. If you choose the MACT with a thesis defense, the cost of tuition is reduced.


Media studying and communication in Canada will require you to make a certain financial investment. You must be willing to pay between $12,000 and $14,000 annually. Plus, you will need extra money for food and accommodation.

Universities offer comprehensive training in all areas of communication and media. If you do not like the profession during your course, you can change your field of study and learn a new related profession.

Canadian university degrees are recognized. This is a great investment in your career and a strong argument in the internationally hiring process.

More importantly, the student graduates with a ready-made portfolio. That's years of practice on real cases. Employers don't need to teach an employee how to apply their skills in practice from scratch.

Canada is open to people from other countries - another plus of training. You can come from any country and get a diploma. And with the diploma, move on or stay in the country and get a job.

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