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Crypto Betting for Canadian Newbies

Cryptocurrency betting sites have established themselves as part of the Canadian billionaire online scene. The platforms Offer their Canadian players many fantastic Betting site games right in the comfort of their homes.

Crypto betting sites are the new best upgrades of online Betting sites. They offer the best games like blackjack, craps, roulette and sports betting while allowing you to make transactions with cryptocurrency.

This article is a complete guide to the crypto betting platform's newbies as it explains how to begin their gambling journey and have the best gambling experience.

What is Cryptocurrency?

In simple words, cryptocurrency is a virtual currency. Moreover, blockchain technology is responsible for its decentralized nature. This concept naturally means that the technology is independent of any country's banking and government, unlike the fiat currency. For example, USD and CAD get affected by laws and new regulations, but any governmental rule does not sway crypto.

Bitcoin ( BTC) is the first and most prominent cryptocurrency that ever existed; However, there are many other famous cryptocurrencies today. Examples are Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and others.

The mainstream success of Bitcoin created a pathway for other cryptocurrencies. Many people are now aware of the many benefits of using these coins and their technology. Let's now see the

Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency.


  • Crypto wallets are a suitable platform for direct transfer between individuals, organizations, and communities. Therefore, there is no need for any extra platforms like the bank to aid its transactions.
  • The transaction fees of cryptocurrency are reduced compared to that of the regular currency, especially if you want to make international transactions.
  • You will get a completely arranged privacy with cryptocurrency. There is no record of your financial proceedings, and you do not need to clarify the transactions like it is in the banking system.
  • You make all the crucial decisions, and the banking authorities do not have any say over your funds.
  • It is also very safe as it is impossible to get a fake cryptocurrency.


  • There is market volatility where you can lose assets due to losing value.
  • You are consistently scared of cyber insecurities.
  • There are always new cryptocurrencies surfacing day by day; therefore, predicting the one that will offer quality might be a little bit difficult.
  • The applications might be tampered with by different internet fraudsters.

What is Blockchain

The blockchain is a system of storing data. You can compare it to the spreadsheet; however, the design of the blockchain system allows it to hold way more data than the spreadsheets.

The operation of blockchain is different from other data storing systems. It arranges data into categories known as blocks and chains them to a former class once they are complete. This process is, therefore, where the name blockchain originated. Nevertheless, the companies in charge of a particular coin control the coin's databases and access their customers.

An example of such a company is Bitcoin; the coin has thousands of connected databases. This operation is what gives support to the decentralized feature of cryptocurrency.

Are Crypto Betting sites Regulated in Canada?

All crypto Betting sites in Canada must obtain a license from the Canadian gambling commission. The fact that they are using a decentralized currency does not allow them to operate without legal anchoring.

However, newbies do not need to bother about the license of these Betting sites as most of them display them on their web pages. Therefore before depositing on any Betting site, ensure you check for their approval and confirm it is original.

Moreover, endeavour to research the reputation of the crypto Betting site to discover if they are fit for gambling operations.

Additionally, you can make enquiries from Canadians who are experienced online gamblers and find out the legitimacy of the crypto Betting site. If all this is in place, we assure you the crypto Betting site is as safe as the fiat currency Betting sites.

How to Identify a Suitable Crypto Betting Site

Locating a good crypto gambling site is one of the biggest tasks of newbies. Therefore, we have provided a list of what to look for in betting sites to determine their legitimacy.

  • Good crypto Betting sites have licenses.
  • They have fair wagering terms and conditions.
  • Good crypto Betting sites offer a wide variety of game selections with fast transactions.
  • In addition, they have a reliable customer support centre.

Ensure you consider all these factors before selecting a crypto Betting site

How To Get Started on a Crypto Betting site

To get started on crypto Betting sites, you must first get cryptocurrencies that tally with your crypto Betting site. Most times, major Betting sites accept Bitcoin, so you can be sure it is a wise decision if you purchase Bitcoin.

Getting Bitcoin for gambling purposes is easy; however, you need to get a crypto wallet first. These wallets hold your coins and help you make transactions. Examples of crypto wallets available in Canada are Coinbase, Kraken and many more.

These wallets have private keys, which ensures that only the account owner gets access to that account. Moreover, the password determines if you will have permission to make the necessary transactions or not.

You can get crypto through exchanges or applications like Binance. Once you have the coins in your wallet, you can make deposits on the crypto Betting sites using your wallet.

How to Make a Deposit at a Crypto Betting site

Assuming you have your wallet and coins in place, making deposits is now straightforward. Head straight to the website or application of the crypto Betting site, sign in and click deposit

You will therefore be required to input your crypto wallet address. Ensure the address is correct and there are no errors, then you can transfer the amount of crypto you want. Also, verify the amount is larger than the minimum crypto deposit.

How to Make Withdrawals on The Crypto Betting sites

Making withdrawals on crypto Betting sites is similar to making deposits. When you win and wish to withdraw, you should click the withdrawal option and input your wallet address to get your winnings.

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