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Searching for MC Rumble

If you listen to Toronto Mike'd, you've heard me speak of Rumble through the years. He was a key figure in the first wave of Toronto hip hop as one-half of Rumble and Strong. A key contemporary of Maestro Fresh Wes, Michie Mee, Get Loose Crew, Simply Majestic and the Dream Warriors. You maybe remember his local hit Safe with Margaret Young.

Whenever I'd have someone on from that first wave of Canadian hip hop, be it Maestro, Michie, Farley Flex or DJ Ron Nelson, I'd ask about Rumble. I've been looking for Rumble for years because I'd very much like to have him on Toronto Mike'd. Nobody seemed to know where Rumble is, but now there's a sad and concerning development.

DJ Ron Nelson posted the following on his Instagram.

🇨🇦We still haven’t found MC Rumble, but he’s out there, and we have people ready to save him and financially help repair him… all we have to do is find him.

🇨🇦Rumble was recently spotted, homeless on the streets, last seen somewhere in downtown Toronto, and if we can locate his whereabouts, we have a special group of people who are ready to help him turn his life around.

If you spot Rumble, please let me know asap. We're ready to help.

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