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Ride For Mind Preparing To Support Mental Healthcare System

Founded in response to coronavirus relief efforts, the Ride for Mind events have raised more than $675,000 in the past two years, according to news on Cision. Toronto Hustle and Michael Garron hospital partner again to create awareness and raise funds for supporting mental healthcare in Toronto's east end. The Ride for Mind will be held from 4th to 5th March, and it's expected to be a memorable 24-hour virtual cycling event. Funds raised during the Ride for Mind event will support an innovative program launched at Michael Garron Hospital to help youth navigate the complicated mental healthcare system.

According to the hospital's president Mitze Mourinho, progress wouldn't be possible without donors and individuals participating in events like the Ride for Mind or Ride for Mental Health. Mourinho adds that every gift counts as we commit to improving healthcare services in East Toronto. Keep reading to understand ways Toronto can improve healthcare services.

Prioritize Timely Access To Medical Care
Patients need quick access to a doctor when they are sick. Sadly, many people can't see their physician the same day or the next day when they call for an appointment. One of the best ways to achieve continuity in healthcare is to make the process of getting a doctor's appointment easy. This step helps reduce the number of patients depending on emergency departments and walk-in clinics.

Commit To Quality Care
Enhancing the overall quality of primary care, including mental and dental care at the local level, should be a top priority. The local government can build on the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals, existing structures, and programs. For example, creating a network of dentists to offer low-cost or free dental care can help residents enhance access to various dental procedures.

Currently, 35% of Torontonians go without dental care because they don't have insurance coverage. In addition to creating a network of dentists, the local government should provide funds to institutions that support dental health care. Doing so goes a long way in boosting the overall well-being of individuals. Ideally, when patients access essential dental services like cosmetic oral surgery, their self-confidence improves significantly. Fixing chipped teeth, receding gums, and discolored gums helps people feel good about their appearance and lead a better lifestyle.

Enhance Systems
Integrating hospital, primary care, and lab computer systems are critical to enhance the patient experience. Typically, integrated healthcare systems provide timely access to information across healthcare service providers. However, implementing a fundamental redesign across sectors to systems is necessary. Healthcare providers should at the same time continue to strengthen the key function of primary care.  

Improving healthcare services, including shorter wait times, is a top priority for many individuals. To achieve the best outcomes, Toronto's healthcare providers should emphasize timely access to doctors and commit to quality care. Enhancing healthcare systems also contributes to high-quality healthcare services.

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