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Card Counting at Non GamStop Casinos: Legal or Forbidden?

Blackjack is both a card game and a game of chance; It's a gamble because it's ultimately down to chance which card is drawn next and there is no skill you can train to get the desired card.

But gambling doesn't mean there aren't spaces to make a decision. Especially with blackjack, the room for manoeuvre is relatively large, since you as the player can decide for yourself whether you want to draw another card or not. Likewise, with which commitment you want to go to the point. Card counting has also developed from these possibilities.

But what does that actually mean? Is it a surefire strategy for winning at non GamStop casinos? Can anyone learn card counting? Is Blackjack Card Counting Legal or Banned? Here is our guide and information on card counting at blackjack.

What Is the Blackjack Card Counting Strategy?

It's commonly believed among non GamStop casino players that card counting is all about noting each card that's turned face up, so you know exactly what cards are left in the deck. That would be the supreme discipline but is not what counting cards mean. Apart from that, you would have to have special memory skills to do this, and if that is the case, there would be no need for a special strategy.

When it comes to blackjack card counting, it means that you have a rough idea of the odds that the cards in the face-down deck have.

To do this, the deck's cards are basically split up. A rough distinction is made between the cards from 10 and up and just below. The idea is based on the fact that the high cards are more valuable for the player because they can easily be used to make a blackjack. To get more info visit this page. For example, with a 10 and an ace. Now you don't have to remember the individual cards, but basically only how many high or low cards have already been turned over. There is a so-called count for this. This means that a value goes up or down. This counting allows you to better assess your chances.

Of course, this is also based on playing with a fixed number of cards. In the best case, there are 52 cards, so the four suits of spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts are 13 cards each. So there are four aces, four kings, four queens, etc. Fortunately, non GamStop casinos offer single deck blackjack games in which only one pack of 52 cards is dealt. In this variant, it is very easy to apply the card counting strategy. However, you have to choose a live game since RNG blackjack games generate their cards by random number generators and not through physical cards.

How Do I Count the Cards in Blackjack at Non GamStop Casinos?

So the idea now is that the count goes up with low cards and down with high cards. For example, a 10 is revealed. The counter then goes down one (-1). If a 2 is revealed, the counter goes up one (+1). This basically results in a kind of ratio of cards played, which distinguishes between high and low. If there is a high value when counting, you know that many low cards have been played. A low value indicates that some high cards have already been played from the deck.

So you count every revealed card with these values. Commonly, 10, jack, queen, king, and ace are all counted as -1, while cards under 10 get +1. There is also a variant that does not assign a value to cards 7, 8 and 9, so the count does not change.

Based on the value you can then decide whether you want to draw another card or not. If the value is high, the probability of a high card is greater than at the beginning. If the value is low, there is a risk that a small card will be added.

Does Non GamStop Card Counting Work at All?

Basically, yes, card counting works. However, only if certain conditions are met. In addition, the dealer actually only uses one deck. If there are already several and therefore more than 52 cards as the matter is much more difficult. There are casinos that use a shuffler or a new deck of cards for each game. Apart from that, however, you can actually learn a little more about your chances.

It's not rocket science either. If a queen is drawn, a high card is simply out of the game, which reduces the probability of another high card. But it should also be said that the advantage is limited and, at best, only slightly above the house edge. So there will also be losses.

What You Have to Consider When Counting Blackjack Cards at Non GamStop Casinos?

First, of course, you need to be able to count, not just for that, but also in terms of which cards are turned up. It must not be counted in any way and if you miscalculate often, the system will not help either. You should therefore pay attention to this and be accordingly saddle-proof. And you also have to look at whether it's worth it at all. It works much better when played with just one deck.

Another thing is that casinos can be quite allergic to it too. This is especially true when counting is too obvious. You shouldn't have a notepad with you.

Of course, when you play at a non GamStop casino, things are simpler in this regard. Nevertheless, the same applies here: The casino without GamStop can also ban you if there is a suspicion of abuse. This can be the case simply because too many wins have been made.

In fact, there is no law in the world that prevents gamblers from using card counting strategies either in traditional or online casinos. However, traditional casinos have protocols that, for example, prohibit players from communicating verbally with dealers and have to communicate in sign language so that managers can monitor everything that happens in the hall. In addition, it is absolutely not acceptable to use any device when playing in the casino. But does this mean that casinos can take action against card counters? Most likely, if a professional card counter makes a series of winnings, he may be asked to leave the casino. This does not apply to casinos outside GamStop, of course, as they are virtual entities that do not monitor players and do not know what you are doing behind your screen, so you can apply your blackjack strategy with absolute safety.

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