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Types of Custom Corrugated Boxes for Your Business and Home Use

Custom corrugated boxes hold a lot of importance in the packaging industry due to their ability to adapt to varying consumer needs. They come in handy while shipping and delivering all sorts of products from one place to another. These corrugated boxes can be used in wholesale and retail in new and innovative ways. These boxes also provide a great way to ship things while maintaining the security of the contents inside.

To learn how these corrugated boxes can prove to be an ideal choice for you, you need to understand their basics. Here we have  listed some of the  most common types of custom corrugated boxes for your business and their use:

Corrugated Boxes for Shoe-packaging

Corrugated boxes need to be of good quality to provide sufficient support and security to the contents inside. They should also be able to hold the weight of the product packaged inside. Most of the shoe boxes are designed to be heavy and rough in order to carry the weight of the products placed inside. To securely hold the weight of the shoes, corrugated boxes are designed to be reliable. Especially sports shows and shoes with heavy soles require a material that is sturdy in nature and corrugated boxes serve as the perfect choice to serve that purpose.

Shoe boxes are usually one piece that comes with a lid that can be opened and closed to access the products placed inside the box.

Printed Corrugated Boxes

Printed corrugated boxes are used in the retail industry where they are used to increase brand awareness and market the products. You can find them in various designs and printing. The printed corrugated boxes are known for enhancing the impact of your business and providing a stellar reputation for your products in the market.

Some examples of printed corrugated boxes would be, pizza boxes, cereal boxes, and boxes used in the retail industry to pack a variety of products. As business owners,  you can print your own logo and product information on corrugated boxes. These boxes are used industry-wide and especially in the food delivering industry to keep the food items inside warm and secure.

Corrugated Boxes for Shipment

Corrugated boxes prove to be highly useful when it comes to shipping a variety of things. They offer the products with the required safety and security and help you make sure that your customers receive the products in perfect condition. The wholesale industry uses corrugated boxes with three layers in order to interlock the external pressure so your products can be kept safe inside. It offers the same effect as bubble wrap to your products which are used extensively for ensuring the safety of the products.

Due to this property, corrugated boxes serve as the perfect choice for the business world.

Boxes for Storage
One of the greatest advantages of corrugated boxes is that they can be availed in a variety of options. Based on your needs, corrugated boxes can easily be available at Atlantic Corrugated Packaging Products in different sizes and shapes to accommodate the type of product you want to deliver or store. This very property of corrugated boxes makes them a perfect choice to store all kinds of products and they can also be used for personal as well as professional use.

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