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Should You Replace Your Windows This Winter? Factors to Consider

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If you ask some homeowners how old their windows are, they won’t know. Not knowing how old they are can make it difficult to see whether they need replacing or not, as windows can often still look fine as they age.

But it’s essential to be aware of warning signs to look out for that will let you know if you should start thinking about whether you need window replacements. Many of these warning signs are easier to spot in the winter, making it the perfect time to get window services in London Ontario done to find out for sure whether it’s time to upgrade your windows in your London home.

Drafts in Your Home

If you feel cold air coming in any time you pass by your windows or have to turn up the volume on the TV to drown out the sound of the whistling wind, it’s likely your windows need replacing. You’ll know your windows are in particularly rough shape if you can see light entering through gaps and cracks in the window frame.

Your Energy Bills are Increasing

If cold air is entering your home through your old leaky windows, you’re likely to see the effects on your energy bills. The same thing could be happening in summer with hot air entering, making your air conditioning work double time.

However, if the problem has been going on for a while, you might not notice the effect on your utility bills until after you’ve had your windows replaced. Installing new energy-efficient windows will likely mean a decrease in your energy bills.

Condensation and Excess Moisture

Are your windows constantly collecting condensation? As kids, it was fun to draw pictures in the condensation, but as adults, this is a surefire indication that your windows are not performing as they should be. Still, it’s not necessarily a sign your windows need to be replaced entirely. Consult with a professional if it’s a recurring problem.

However, if you have moisture building up between the window panes that you can’t wipe away, that’s a sign the airtight seal has broken. At this point, the only option is to have the window replaced.

Excessive Noise

You might not think the noise is a significant indicator of a problem with your windows, but it is. Properly insulated windows don’t just help control the temperature in your home; they also keep outside noise out. If your windows are shut tight, but you’re still woken up by birds chirping or the neighbour’s snowblower, then it might be time to get new windows that keep the outside noise where it should be.

Make sure your home stays warm, comfortable and efficient for the rest of winter by checking on your windows for signs they need replacing. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll know when they need to be replaced or serviced for maximum comfort.

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