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Important Physical Security Measures For Your Start-Up

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Any security breach, whether physical or digital, can have devastating effects. In Canada, every incident costs companies more or less $6.75 million. It is why businesses should take their security with earnest intent.

But as most companies go digital these days, many pay more attention to cybersecurity. They often overlook the importance of physical security in protecting digital assets.

All information systems are at risk when an authorized person gains access to your infrastructure. Yet, many businesses, especially small and mid-sized enterprises, take physical security for granted.

Below we will discuss the physical security measures for your start-up.

5 Physical Security Measures You Should Take

Protecting your business from physical security risks can be challenging. A layered approach is necessary to safeguard your building and the equipment inside. But the following measures are excellent ways to get started.

Secure ID Card System

Issuing ID cards for your staff is a simple yet effective security measure. It can provide an extra layer of visual identification, allowing you to identify unauthorized people on your premises. It’s no wonder why many industries and government services in Canada use security ID cards.

Of course, a professional ID card printer in Canada is necessary for a successful ID card program. But more than that, you have to secure it from theft or unauthorized use.

Accountable Access Control

Controlling and monitoring who gets in or out of your building is a crucial security measure. It can be simpler if your business only has a small office with a single door for entry. But for large facilities, you might need to use more advanced access controls, such as:

  • Key management system
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Key card access
  • Employee ID cards

Intrusion Detection System

Alarm systems are an integral part of security. It can give you an early warning of unauthorized access to your premises. One example is the intrusion detection system.

With an alarm sound, it will alert you if an intruder enters your business’s building. This measure will help notify local security services, addressing the problem right away.

Around-The Clock Surveillance

Any form of surveillance can help deter suspicious activity in your facility. Putting up a CCTV network can give you real-time visibility into the areas you need to protect. But it’s all but a reactive solution. You have to go back through the footage to find the trespasser.

To make the most of video surveillance, ensure to hire around-the-clock security guards. They offer more proactive solutions when it comes to physical security. Security guards can stop any intrusions before they happen.

Security Awareness Training

Heightening awareness about physical security among your staff is an important measure. They are your first line of defense concerning surveillance. So make sure employees understand the potential threats to the business security.

Conduct regular training sessions about the importance of good security practices. This way, you can better promote a security culture.

Potential Physical Attacks To Your Business

Before discussing the protection measures, let’s look at the potential physical attacks. You can determine what appropriate controls you should put in place by knowing them. Here are the most common physical threats to companies:

  • Tailgating: An unauthorized person can get inside the building or area undetected. Most of the time, it happens when several people pass through doors. They will follow an employee with security’s approval in a subtle manner.
  • Theft of assets or data: Asset and data theft can be internal or external. An outsider can shoplift, break in, or rob your business. Meanwhile, an employee can also steal, use or misuse a business’s assets and documents.
  • Unaccounted visitors: Documenting the people who entered your premises is crucial. Note that unaccounted visitors can pose serious threats. It'll be harder for you to identify if they were present when an incident happens.
  • Stolen identification: Someone can impersonate someone else’s identity to go in and out of your premises. They can also use your business’s identity to gain access to your financial information. Add up to that the data of your customers and employees.

The Takeaway

Physical security needs equal attention with cybersecurity. Remember that keeping your electronic data safe starts at the physical level. Of course, encryption and firewalls are essential. But you will waste them if the attacker gains physical access to your network and computers. Thus, make sure to have a comprehensive physical security plan for your business.

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