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The Risks of Remote Working

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In the past, working remotely was seen as a luxury that only a lucky few could do. However, in the last couple of years, as a result of the pandemic, working remotely has now become standard practice in businesses worldwide.

Moreover, since productivity has increased because of working from home, this practice is here to stay for many. However, while you may be happy that your workforce is better than ever, as a business owner, certain increased security risks come with your employees working remotely.

Fortunately, there are solutions to all these problems so you can continue your business without worry. Check out the risks of remote working below and their solutions.

1. Use Strong Passwords

Using weak passwords for files, programs, and other areas of your business is just inviting trouble. According to Professional Security Magazine Online, “A new study conducted by Verizon Data Breach Investigations has found that 81% of all data breaches are caused by so-called ‘weak’ passwords being compromised.”

Implementing strong passwords into your company is a must. Your employees can also use password managers to ensure they use strong passwords every time without worrying about remembering them.

2. Use Trusted VPN Canada Services

A trusted VPN Canada service can help give your company network almost maximum protection. Set up your business network, so your employees are connecting to a VPN in Canada ( before carrying out their work.

Your company’s private information will be safe from cybercriminals and hacking attacks by using a private network.

3. Give Access Accordingly

Not every employee will need access to every file, program, or piece of software that your company owns or uses. The more people have access, the more chance there is of an accidental security breach.

Therefore, you should only give access to those who need it. By limiting access to sensitive data, you can reduce the risk of leaks and other security issues. Furthermore, by giving access accordingly, you’ll also be able to identify the source of the problem much quicker and, in turn, find the solution quicker.

4. Provide Company Devices

Your employees should always be using company devices when doing their tasks. If you don’t provide your workforce with a company device, then they are forced to use their personal computers and laptops.

This hugely increases the security risk as you have no idea what protection they have on their personal devices and who has access to it. Supply company devices that have already been installed with the appropriate software such as antivirus and a connection to a VPN Canada.

5. Give Security Training

The majority of security issues come from an employee’s innocent ignorance. It’s very easy to make a mistake when you don’t understand the consequences or what it is you’re doing wrong.

By giving security training to your workers beforehand, you can greatly help prevent breaches and problems. If you don’t teach your workers what to look out for or how to recognize malware, for example, then you can’t be mad at them if your systems are hacked.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that every employee understands the risks and how to identify spam emails, malware, risky links, and more.

6. Have a Professional IT Team

If there ever is a problem, it’s crucial that you have a team in place that can fix the issue as quickly as possible. By employing a team of IT professionals, you have a safety net in place if anything goes wrong. Your IT team can rectify the problem and stop it from escalating further. It’s a worthwhile investment.

Remote Working Doesn’t Have to Be Risky

If you look, you will find cases of companies struggling with security issues due to remote working. However, for every negative scenario, there are thousands of others where everything runs smoothly just as it should.

By following simple steps such as always using strong passwords, connecting to a trusted VPN Canada service, and giving your employees professional security training, you can have a smooth experience. Remote working doesn’t have to be risky or overwhelming if you follow the right protocols.

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