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I never had a MySpace page. I helped Custom run his in the early 2000s, but I never had an interest in creating one of my own. I preferred spending my energies here.

I resisted creating a Facebook account until the summer of 2007 when my running group started planning runs there. If I wanted to be in the know as to when and where we were running, I had to be on Facebook. So I joined the masses over there.

Now I find myself on multiple social media sites every day. This is my very subjective ranking of the social media platforms I personally maintain a presence on. You won't find TikTok here, because I have little interest in it. Same goes for Snapchat.

4. Instagram

I really tried to get into Instagram, my wife's social media channel of choice, but it bores me. I hate how the "stories" seem to disappear into the abyss and evaporate, and how you can't hyperlink from your posts. I was primarily using Instagram to promote episodes of Toronto Mike'd by sharing the pics I took with guests, but when guests stopped visiting in mid-March, I stopped visiting Instagram.

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3. LinkedIn

For years I hated LinkedIn because it's 99% corporate bullshit, but then I started my own business and realized there are some neat networking benefits. I still wouldn't say I enjoy being on LinkedIn, but I'm there, happily posting several times a week.

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2. Facebook

Many of the people I care the most about have abandoned Facebook, so I find it pretty quiet there these days. Still, it's my second favourite social media platform, although that's primarily by default. Something had to be #2!

I never did create a public Facebook page, preferring to use the platform to see my friends' baby pictures and for groups. Facebook might be evil, but if you're smart about who you follow, it ain't so bad.

1. Twitter

I'm on Twitter several times a day, each and every day. And I still thoroughly enjoy the experience. Seriously!

Again, you need to be smart about who you follow and who you mute and block, and every once in a while some anonymous person will try and troll you, but I'd guess 99.9% of my interactions on Twitter are positive and if the community were to dissolve I'd miss it immensely.

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