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How to play Canada's Lotto 6/49

The Lottery was one of the first casino games to be accepted in Canada, under their strict rules and regulations. Lotto 6/49 now stands are one of the three national lotteries on offer for Canadian residents, launching in 1982. What’s more, this was the first Lottery in the country that actually allowed players to choose their own numbers – previously, when buying a ticket, numbers would be printed and therefore pre-decided.

The game is also readily available online and, because of this, playable in other parts of the world. But staying in this particular game’s country of origin, any province regulated site should have Lotto 6/49 as one of the top Lottery options, inviting you to grab a piece of the action!

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at how to play one of Canada’s favorite Lottery games.

What’s on offer?

Lotto 6/49 guarantees a minimum jackpot of CA$5 million, if you’re lucky enough to trigger the big bucks. But the prize pot doesn’t have to stop there! At the time of writing, the largest jackpot that has been won from a Lotto 6/49 draw was $64 million back in October 2015, cashed out to Zhe Wang from Mississauga, Ontario.

Whilst your chances of winning the jackpot aren’t exactly falling in your favor, there are additional prizes on offer depending on how many of your chosen numbers match up with those drawn and, in some cases, whether or not you’ve scratched and revealed the bonus symbol. Outside of the jackpot, your minimum potential prize is CA$5.

Where can I play?

Whilst you’re free to play Lotto 6/49 in person, with physical tickets from your local corner store, playing online is certainly a more convenient and accessible option. As we mentioned, any province that offers online casino gaming will have at least one regulated site which hosts a wide range of Lottery games. For example, if you’re located in Alberta then you’ll find all Lottery games available at and regulated by Gamesense – the province’s only completely regulated site, all thanks to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) commission which oversees all of these recreational activities.

Quebec and Ontario also get in on the action, boasting their own respectable gaming sites. In fact, Quebec actually started the Canadian Lottery craze back in 1969, with their own regulatory commission, before Loto-Quebec made its way online in 2012.

How do I play?

The first step is buying a ticket. Each play will cost CA$3 and give you the opportunity to select six numbers from 1-49 for a chance to win the main jackpot. Additionally, you can select from a further 10 digits if you want to be in with a chance of bagging the guaranteed $1 million prize draw.

Back to the main jackpot, and as we mentioned there’s CA$5 million up for grabs – and that’s the minimum! This means that if the CA$5 million isn’t claimed, then the jackpot will continue to increase as more money is place into the pot via players’ bets.

The numbers are drawn every Wednesday and Saturday, with the cut off point being 10:30pm EST on the draw date.

-So, now that you know the ins and outs of playing Lotto 6/49 – what’s stopping you from grabbing a piece of the action? Gambling in Canada is constantly on the rise, so don’t be left behind as we take a step into gaming future, with Lotto 6/49 being on of the first to pave the way!

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