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5 players Who have changed the NFL in the last 10 years

The NFL’s game-changing superstars.

The NFL has been growing rapidly since it started, however, it started growing ever faster after the 1970 merger. After the merger, the divisions were made and more and more teams joined the NFL, culminating in the now 32 teams across the U.S.

As the NFL has grown, a betting culture also grew around it, with avid fans from all over eager  to place their bets on who they thought would win this year's season, or scramble at the NFL player prop bets.

It is hard to wager a player prop bet when you do not know who the game-changing superstars of the last decade have been. So, it is important to know exactly who the players are that have changed the NFL forever in most recent years,

Let’s take a look at the top dogs of the last decade, so when you place your player prop bets, you place them with more than just an educated guess.

#1. Tom Brady

This list really would not be complete without Tom Brady. Anyone who's even only heard of the NFL knows about Brady's incredible skill. He has been in the NFL since 2000 and in that time has turned into a seven time Super Bowl Champion. He won six of his Super Bowl Championships with the New England Patriots from 2000 until 2019, and another in his first year (2020) with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Brady has truly shown us how vital a good quarterback is. The Buccaneers had only ever one Super Bowl in 2003 before Brady joined them, and within his first year he took them to the Super Bowl where they decimated their opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

He hasn’t just changed the sport, he revolutionized it.

#2. Peyton Manning.

Although Peyton left the NFL in 2015, his career was astounding. He started in 1998, and at the turn of the decade he joined the Denver Broncos. While he does not have as many Super Bowls under his belt as Brady, he has an incredible amount of records and awards. His career started to wane slightly after he joined the Broncos, however, he was still a game changer. In 2013 alone he won MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, 7x First-tea, All-Pro, Pro Bowl, passing yards' leader, and passing touchdown leader awards!

He was a record holder who taught us, it's not all about the Super Bowl/

#3. Drew Brees.

Drew Brees has been very underrated by his peers. Playing quarterback for the saints, he only received ranking in the top 11 of their quarterbacks only once in the last decade. Brees struggled as he started off his career, but he bounced back pretty quickly and in the last part of the 00s, and at the start of the 2010s he continued in this fashion.

Brees changed the NFL, and reminded us that we should never judge a book by its cover.

#4. Aaron Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers has also changed the way we look at the NFL. He may not be a Super Bowl repeat champion. However, he has led the NFL five times in touchdown- interception ratio, four of these being in the last ten years. He also won MVP in 2011, 2014 and 2020. As well as being a 3 time First-team All-Pro in 2011, 2014, and 2020 as well. However, like Brady, his career is not over yet, and he could be earning more titles in the coming years. In the 2021 season, the Packers have already won 5 out of 9 Pre-season games as of mid-October, with Rodgers at the helm.

#5. J.J. Watt.

J.J.Watt started in the NFL only ten years ago and since then has been astounding. He is a defensive end who played for the Texans and now the Cardinals. He's won 3 NFL MP awards, a Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award, and so many more. While it has been a while since he won any awards, he has won plenty in the last ten years and is sure to win some more.

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