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What Is Social Gambling | Best Social Casino Games in Canada

Social gambling is a fun alternative to traditional casinos and has many benefits for new players. It’s a way to meet new friends online and enjoy online gambling without the stress of losing money in the process.  Many players also use social gambling as a platform on which they can learn about online games while the stakes are low and there’s no price to losing a few games while learning the ropes. More players are trying social gambling than ever since the technology needed for it is more widely available and online gambling is more common as well.

What’s Social Gambling?

Social gambling is a relatively new term and a new phenomenon but for the most part, it can be defined as play gambling games online with friends from your online social circles. A social casino is therefore a site or an app where these games take place. The biggest difference between social gambling and the traditional one is that you’re not playing for money, but use some sort of symbolic online token instead. Playing in such a relaxed environment is therefore mostly for entertainment purposes.

Benefits of Social Gambling

Many benefits draw new players to risk-free social gambling sites. It’s mostly oriented towards those who are interested in online gambling but aren’t ready to play for money yet or at all. The main features of social gambling therefore include:

-Free games

Social gambling is free, meaning there’s no subscription or actual betting. That attracts a larger crowd than traditional gambling since there’s no risk involved, but there are still thrills and strategic thinking involved as is the case when playing for money. The games are modeled on real gambling games and the gameplay, as well as the skills involved, are the same as they would be when playing for money.

-A learning opportunity

Online gambling requires skills and knowledge. That’s best achieved simply by playing as much as you can and learn in the process. It’s an expensive education to get if you plan to get it while paying for your own money. A chance to gamble without such risks is therefore a good way to advance and learn before you try your hand in playing for money.

-A social component

In the end, an important feature of social gambling is, in the fact that the games are played with your friends and acquaintances. That’s mostly accomplished by connecting your player profile with those on social media, but you can also invite players outside of your social media circles. This gives the games a familiar and personal mood.  It’s something that can’t be fully replicated when playing in a traditional casino setting.

Here’s a list of a few social gambling establishments that you should try and that could suit the needs of both new and somewhat experienced online players.

Cashman Casino

Cashman Casino is powered by Aristocrat Gaming which is one of the most reputable software companies in the business. The site is mostly focused on slot games and there’s a range of those to choose from. The log-in is simple enough and it can be done through Facebook and it’s possible to connect the casino from your mobile device and your computer using the same log-in.

There’s an initial bonus of 2 million coins and a spin the wheel game that offers additional coins for those who are lucky enough. Daily offerings, instant and turbo rewards will also grant you enough coins to allow you to play and explore the slots for as long as you want

Club Vegas 777 Casino

Club Vegas 777 Casino offers a huge range of games and that’s reflected in a somewhat overwhelming interface that may be challenging for a new player at first. The site is backed by the UK and Gibraltar Gaming authorities making it safe to use.

There are special promotions and bonuses for both newcomers and those who play regularly. A bonus is also awarded for connecting via Facebook. Since the social component is one of the most important features Club Vegas has to offer, there’s also a live chat allowing for friendly banter throughout the game.

Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino is one of the biggest names in this part of the industry, with over 2.5 billion different games with players from 150 countries. The catalog contains over 700 different games that can be played on your phone and an additional 4500 ones made for PC players.

There’s a 100.000 chips initial bonus as well as bonuses that are awarded daily or by chance. Big Fish Casino also offers a progressive daily bonus to reward loyal players. Since some sort of free chip bonus is available every 30 minutes, you’ll keep coming back for another round.

Double Down Casino

Double Down Casino app has over a million users and offers most of the Las Vegas-style slot games, but also traditional casino games such as roulette, blackjack, and Texas Hold’em Poker. All of the games are free to play with additional chips being rewarded regularly.

The app is available for both iOS and Android and you can register via social media and invite your friends to play or you can create an account dedicated to the app in particular.  The slot games also come in a variety of themes and are diverse enough to keep your interest for a long time.

Let us know which social gambling casino did you enjoy the most and why?

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