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What are the Best Entertainment Options for People in Toronto?

There are plenty of reasons why Toronto manages to regularly attract more than 27 million tourists every year. Not only is it a beautiful city in a stunning location with friendly people, but it has a wealth of options when it comes to entertainment. Whether you like to spend your down time online or offline, there are so many things to do when you’re in the Ontario capital. Here are some of the best options.

Plenty of Online Gaming Sites Targeting Canadians

Online gaming is huge in Canada, and this is reflected by the growing eSports industry in the country. Professional gamers can easily take part in several tournaments via the Ontario eSports League, and some of these occur in front of live audiences. Enthusiast Gaming hosted the largest ever Canadian eSports expo, and this took place at the Toronto Convention Centre.

Online casinos represent another booming sector in Toronto. In fact, there are so many sites to play at that operators have to offer lucrative rewards to entice players. Players can use sites that tell them where to find the best free spins in Canada, and then it’s simply a choice of which pages appeal. From there, they can click a button to be taken directly to the reward page.

Live Music in the City

For those who may not be into gaming, live music options in Toronto are abundant. The pleasure of watching expert musicians ply their trade in a chilled-out scenario is something that the people of the city appreciate, and the live music scene is buzzing with a plethora of awesome acts. Talented people are encouraged to follow their dreams here, as they know it should be easy enough to find a place to play at and get in front of an audience.

Depending on the type of music you’re into, you should be able to find a location that provides an intimate way to enjoy it, up close and personal. One of the most popular places is Massey Hall, found in the Downtown area. This historic spot has been going since 1967 and has even hosted the likes of Neil Young and Bob Dylan. It can hold up to 2,700 people, meaning that the intimacy is accompanied by a solid audience atmosphere. A few other cool spots for live music include the Garrison, the Cameron House, and Jazz Bistro.

Sport is Huge Here

Sport is arguably the number one form of entertainment in Toronto. The city is mad for various competitive options, with ice hockey being the clear winner. However, the city is also home to world-renowned baseball, football, basketball, and soccer teams.

The Toronto Maple Leafs play in the National Hockey League and seeing them live at the Scotiabank Arena is a life-changing event. It has a raucous 18,800 capacity crowd, and this generates an incredible atmosphere during home games.

Toronto really has something for everyone when it comes to entertainment. There are also numerous hotspots for people to visit in and around the city. These include the Toronto Botanical Garden, Niagara Falls, and CN Tower. You'll truly never be left wanting.

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