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What is Gambling Like?

People of different lifestyles, of any gender and adhering to any views, can all have one hobby — games. Any game is considered an unproductive meaningful activity playing which people are interested in the process itself, and the result of the competition is of secondary importance. Thanks to computers, games have reached a new level, attracting millions of fans. As a result, the largest subculture in the world has formed — gamers.

Psychotypes of players

The world of gamers is very diverse. They may differ in gaming preferences, level of knowledge in games such as roulette, poker, perception of Sweet Bonanza Xmas slot review, and playing experience.

  • Retro gamers

People who play mainly video games of past generations, released on original platforms, such as Atari, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation. They play both on emulators and original consoles, preserved in working order.

  • Casual players

The most common type of gamer. These are people who consider the game only entertainment and easily switch from it to their usual business. They rarely purchase specialized gaming equipment, since they do not consider it necessary to spend their money on it. Their main gaming platform is a PC or a smartphone.

  • Hardcore players

Usually, they choose the maximum difficulty level in games, complete all the tests, and receive the best player rewards. Certain skills and time are required to play a hardcore game. Many hardcore players specialize in team games, unite into special gaming clans, and, over time, evolve into esports players.

  • ESportsmen

These are professional computer players who make money in video game competitions. Love for their hobby and specialization in a certain game — this is the basis of a successful esports player. The largest multimedia companies are investing huge amounts of money in esports to attract an audience and hold tournaments with great prizes for the winners.

  • Researchers

Players who consider the competition secondary. The main thing for these people is to immerse themselves in the game. They are interested in everything — game plot, new game spaces, design solutions, hidden places, and mistakes. They love to find additional tasks and their solutions, enjoying new achievements. Researchers also consider good games to be works of art.

  • Online gamers

The most socialized players in the computer environment. They are not interested in plot games, giving preference to network games. The main interest in games is teamwork and obtaining certain in-game items and achievements. They often spend real money on in-game items (additional content), such a way sponsoring online game companies.

  • Collectors

The type of people who collect video games, game consoles, various devices, and gadgets. They differ from most players in their passion for owning various instances of real physical objects associated with games, rather than spending time playing the game.

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