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Everything You Need to Know About Online Casino Promotions

The online casino industry has really taken off in recent years. Indeed, according to the latest figures provided by Statista, the global market reached an estimated value of over $227 billion last year and it looks set to continue expanding. That means there are now countless online casino operators, all looking to entice customers onto their site.

How can they make themselves stand out from the pack? By offering attractive promotions and bonuses, of course. Nowadays, in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and catch the attention of the online gambling community, besides trying to offer the best online slots in Canada, they are almost obliged to provide its punters with incentives.

Types of bonus offers

So what are the different types of offers available? Here’s a run-through the most common casino promotions and bonuses to get you acquainted with the idea:

Welcome bonus

As the name suggests, this type of offer is only applicable to new customers and is intended to provide them with a reward for signing up to the site in the first place. There are many different forms which a welcome bonus can adopt, from matched deposits to free spins to gifted bonus cash, but they all share the common trait of being exclusively available to those who do not yet have an account on the site.

Deposit bonus

This type of offer was alluded to above, but it’s different from a welcome bonus in that it is available to all visitors to the site, regardless of whether they already hold an account with the operator. It functions by matching the deposit made by a punter (up to a predefined amount) and allowing them to play with that sum in the form of “free bets” (more on the specifics of that terminology later).

Loyalty bonus

Of course, regular visitors to the same site are more valuable than those who only try out its wares once and never return, which is why operators do not neglect those who show them loyalty. This can take a variety of different forms, from VIP member clubs to rewards programs, gifting returning customers the opportunity to take advantage of offers which newbies and one-off players cannot. You may find that these types of offers are sent directly to your email inbox.

How to take advantage of online casino promotions

In order to ensure you receive the reward that you’re entitled to, it’s important to read the terms and conditions of each offer in full, since these can differ significantly from site to site and offer to offer. In general, you’ll be required to “Opt In” to receive the benefits of any promotion prior to playing.

It’s also important to note that the T&Cs will likely contain information about how you can withdraw any winnings you accrue from bonus or promotional funds. Often, a casino will require you to wager a specific amount (perhaps 10 times the original value of the incentive) in order to render them eligible for withdrawal. Again, it’s advisable to study the fine print closely so as to avoid disappoint at a later date.

Promotions and bonuses can be a great way to leverage extra value from your online casino experience – but just remember to opt in and read the T&Cs thoroughly before you participate.

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