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Benefits of CBD treats for Cats

Buying CBD Treats For Your Cat – How To Choose - Oregon Cannabis Connection

As CBD becomes more and more popular with each day, the pet industry is certainly keeping track. The market is now enriched with a variety of products for your cats and dogs. Instead of limiting yourself to regular pet food, you can now tease their palate by expanding the palette. The options are very tempting – different kinds of treats that contain some of your cat’s favorite flavors. For those who say that healthy and delicious don’t mesh, cats would certainly disagree if they could only talk.

CBD treats are highly beneficial, all-natural products that can help your cat in a number of ways. The substance Cannabidiol, known primarily for its calming effects, has a way of helping the body achieve balance and harmony. Today’s world is not exactly a Buddhist temple, with stress and pressure lurking behind every corner. Humans are prone to letting this negative energy take over, and as we will now, pets feel this too. Throwing in some extra zen in their routine can’t hurt, can it?

Cats and the ECS system

In order for CBD to function in our bodies, it has to have a place to go to. That is precisely the purpose of our ECS (endocannabinoid) system, which helps to regulate sleep, digestion, manage stress etc. It basically serves as host for the CBD we consume, absorbing it through its receptors. Read more about it here.

You may be wondering whether cats have this system. The answer is yes – not only cats, all mammals do. In fact, as cats are much smaller than us, this system reacts more quickly and effectively, helping them achieve homeostasis. This is another word for natural balance, which is more than necessary in this day and age.

What’s Inside These Treats

The great thing about these products is that CBD is combined with food that cats normally love. Some contain fish, others chicken, sometimes both at the same time, and the cat will have no second thoughts once they scent the content. A popular choice for CBD treats is salmon, which can be combined with peas, starch, rosemary oil, creating a highly satisfying experience for your feline.

It’s very important to note that these treats have no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and the like. Our pets are sensitive to chemicals, so it’s advisable to refrain from giving them any. The more you control their diet in a thoughtful and caring manner, the healthier they’ll be.

A Variety of Treats

Not all CBD snacks are edibles; in fact, tinctures are quite popular with cat owners. They are conveniently stored inside dropper bottles, a highly practical solution. The markings help you control the dosage easily. A general rule of thumb is to start small, something in the neighborhood of 2 mg of CBD, see how your cat reacts, than slowly increase the dosage. You can find out more tips on this if you go to

On the sweeter side of things, gummies are also a favorite among cats. Coated with sugar, fruit-flavored, these vegan tidbits are known for relaxing the muscles, bringing your cat a certain mellow serenity. Yet another popular choice is milk chocolate: fun fact – you can enjoy it together with your cat. The slightly bitter taste may remind you of darker types of chocolate, but delicious nonetheless. Cats also apparently love vegan caramel, and some other CBD sweets too.

Apart from the absence of artificial ingredients, the fact that CBD treats are THC-free makes them perfectly safe for your cat. For those who are totally unfamiliar with these products tend to mix hemp with marijuana, which is very misleading. Although both are cannabis plants, the former has very, very levels of the mind-altering component.


Help with Anxiety

Unlike dogs, cats are known to be more temperamental and erratic. Their mood can change like April weather; from being all cuddly and loveable, to throwing you sharp and accusatory glances. However, this kind of behavior is generally accepted in the world of cats: they aren’t the clingiest of animals and certainly prefer some alone time during the day.

Having said that, it’s important that you’re able to recognize symptoms of unusual behavior. When cats get increasingly moody or upset, it may indicate stress and anxiety. This could happen for a variety of reasons.

Like dogs, cats typically have a routine they follow throughout the day. One single change may throw your pet out of balance, without you being aware of it. Say, for example, there’s a new baby in your household. This is quite a radical event, so your cat may feel neglected, even threatened by the newcomer. This could result in hostile behavior and sulkiness.

Another situation where cats may act out of the ordinary is when the owner is away for a longer period of time. Although they are not quite koalas that hug your legs and won’t let go, they do love their owners and prefer it when they are around. If you’re planning a trip without taking them, it’s a good idea to make sure they get some quality CBD treats, like holistapet, for instance, while you’re away. They will handle separation much better that way.

It’s advisable to pay closer attention to your cat whenever you notice such odd behavior. Sometimes cats meow, even howl when they’re emotionally hurt, especially in old age. CBD treats are a great way of getting them to loosen up and improve their wellbeing. Plus, it’s something that they can enjoy: no cat will say no to a tuna-flavored treat. All-natural, originating from plants, they are a safe way of making your friend purr in pleasure.

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