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Techniques that Will Help to Create a Luxury Interior

Luxury is all about the best. This concept exists in interior design as well. Of course, you can just collect all the most expensive items in one house, but how to do it right? Let's take a look at how a "proper" luxury interior can look like.

"Spirit" of Art Deco

It is interesting that many modern interiors are close in style to Art Deco. This is not surprising, because this style is characterized by the maximum amount of luxurious materials. And despite the individuality of each such interior, there is something common in them.

It is not necessary to be limited to Art Deco alone. It can be mixed with the Empire, the Maroccan, or Moorish style, but don't mess them with the classics with its strict straight lines. A combination of classic and Art Deco also looks very good. So let the rectangular forms appear in the luxurious interior.

High-quality and expensive materials

A luxury interior is expensive natural materials. Perhaps a combination of gold and heavy padding will "overload" the interior. Then choose another way to express all the respectability of your interior. For example, choose only the most modern high-tech and natural materials. It can be marble, natural stone, glass, varnished wood. But check carefully your masonry contractors. If it's the flooring, then consider solid wood, if it's the countertop, then ceramic or granite would be suitable.

Furniture and textiles

The furniture in the luxury interior should not draw too much attention. At the same time, it should not take second place in the background, in fact, it is not inferior to it in any way. It's best to choose antique furniture — it's a classic of luxury interiors. Suitable are leather poufs, armchairs with high backs, bollard tables, and mirrored cabinets. A combination of furniture reupholstered in aged velvet and a brass table with a cut of natural stone will look great. If the room will have a massive marble fireplace — this is also a sign of a luxe interior.

As upholstery for furniture and curtains, plain textiles, of course, will not work. The fabrics should look expensive and effective. These are satin, velvet, velour, and natural silk. If a carpet, then choose a luxurious one. You can choose a velvet carpet of white color or just throw a chinchilla skin on the floor.

Gray color

Perhaps the gray color in the interior is underestimated. It seems boring, monotonous, and static, but this is only at first glance. In fact, it reveals itself in dozens of complex shades and allows you to create a luxurious, noble interior.

This color is back in fashion, and now it is present not only in offices but also in private interiors. It is hard to imagine loft, high-tech, and urban styles without it, but in other styles, it fits in with no less success. In contemporary interiors gray is a luxury color, personifying success, stability, and prosperity.

Grey is chosen by practical and busy people who want to create in the apartment or house an island of calm, where you can have a break after a hard day's work and concentrate on your thoughts, without being distracted by bright spots of color.

Important details

A luxurious interior can look expensive, but at the same time calm and organic. Such an effect is created by a niche with a mirror, where silk painting is used as a decoration. Subtle work with color, pattern, and texture always looks interesting and the interior in the style of luxury only wins from this. For example, let the ornament of the furniture upholstery match the carpet on the floor. If there is a chandelier on the ceiling, then it must be in the Art Deco style — a large, glass one. Opposite the lamps, it is effective to place mirrors, and an interesting ceiling lamp is also appropriate. The walls can be decorated with exquisite paintings.

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