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Finding the best hockey camp for your kid

Hockey is a popular game in Canada, and it is the dream of many youngsters to play in the NHL or even represent the country in the Olympics. For parents who harbour the ambition of seeing their kids ply the flag of their favourite team, attending a good hockey school is definitely a prerequisite. Attending a hockey school enables kids to advance their skills on ice, shooting, stickhandling, passing skating, and it also increases their interest in the game. If you love ice hockey or other popular games, you can head over to websites like comeon Canada for a wide variety of events to try your hand on. Meanwhile, here are some of the things to consider when choosing the best hockey camp for your child.

Benefits of attending a hockey camp

The benefits of attending a hockey camp cannot be understated, especially when you consider the number of high profile NHL players who have passed through this stage. Being good is not good enough nowadays to make the cut in the NHL. Everybody harbouring the dream to play in the best league in the world has to be the absolute best. On the other hand, not everyone attending a hockey camp will go on to have a career in the NHL. However, attending a hockey camp should first be seen as a way to enjoy the beautiful game, and when you have fun, you will love the game and work even harder.

Choosing a hockey camp

The most popular types of hockey camps in Canada are either overnight camps or day programs. Overnight hockey camps will usually run for a week or longer, depending on your commitment. On the other hand, day programs are available if you have free time, especially on the weekends. These camps aid in the overall development of the game. However, other camps are specifically focused on a certain area to improve hockey skills indirectly.

Other types of camps to improve hockey skills

Skating camps

Since skating plays a major role in how good one is at hockey, some camps specifically focus on these skills. Skating improves body positioning and leg strength. Most of these camps are run by professionals highly experienced in ice hockey.

Gymnastics camps

Playing hockey requires good body coordination and flexibility. Attending a gymnastics camp can be an ideal way to improve these skills to gain the high levels required for hockey excellence.

Cycling camps

One way to improve stamina, balance, and leg strength is to cycle.

Soccer camps

A good hockey player will have excellent footwork. This is why you may want to consider enrolling your kid in a soccer camp.

Multi-sports camps

While the main interest should be trying to improve the hockey skills of your child, attending other multi-sports camps will help create diversity and new training experiences. It also presents an avenue for your kid to try other sports and see if they may have more interest.

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