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Best nightlife spots in Toronto

Going out in the evening in Toronto can be one of the best experiences that anyone is to ever be able to achieve, as the Canadian city has some of the best nightspots the world has to offer, let alone just within the country.

Indeed, regardless of whether a nightclub, restaurant, bar, casino or any other form of entertainment is being visited, those that go and do something in the city will find something that they can enjoy and without it being too difficult to achieve, either.

Here are just some of the best nightlife spots available in Toronto, although we know we will have missed some other great ones, as well.

Woodbine Entertainment

Perhaps one of the best casinos that Toronto has to offer, the Woodbine Entertainment establishment can provide those looking for the best bits of nightlife with everything they need in one venue.

Whilst we understand that playing casino games on mobile devices via operators such as Platincasino is the norm and something that can be done in an individual’s leisure time, there is no real replacement when it comes down to visiting a traditional casino establishment.

Indeed, these venues provide visitors with a real range of emotions and feelings that simply cannot be felt behind a screen, whilst also helping to provide an unforgettable nightlife experience. Indeed, with almost 2,000 slot machines to play from over 56,000 square foot of casino floor, it is not a night that will be forgotten.

In addition, there are a range of different gambling activities that can take place, whilst those that are hungry or thirsty can experience some of the best restaurants and bars, therefore enjoying all the best experiences all in one place on the same night!


Looking for a place to dance the entire night away to the best tunes? Then Coda nightclub is the place that needs to be visited!

The music is always the latest to have been made available, whilst the DJs used are always full of energy that can help further enhance the overall experience by ten-fold as the enjoyment factor rubs off on those partying the night away.

The Drake Underground

Those in Toronto will already likely know about The Drake Underground venue, however those that are visiting the region need to make sure that they are able to experience a night at the venue. The Drake Underground is considered to be one of the best lounges when it comes down to the city, with plenty of hype surrounding it.

The venue is a multi-faceted stage venue that boasts a quality sound system, whilst visitors can go and see a large variety of shows and events, including performances from live bands.

Spin Toronto

Those looking for something a little different to the traditional nightlife options such as nightclubs can look to give Spin Toronto ago. Here, visitors will be able to merge the game of table tennis with the best music whilst also being able to enjoy the best drinks around.

Spin Toronto call themselves a “gym”, but with a beer, meaning it could be the best nightlife spot for so many!

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