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The Pandemic Has Been a Disaster for Education. Can Tutoring Help Kids Recover?

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This year has been hard on everyone. But it has been especially difficult for parents, kids, and teachers who have needed to juggle distance learning, school re-openings and closings while also trying to stay healthy and safe.

It’s no secret that the year-long experiment in distance learning the pandemic brought about by pandemic conditions has hardly been a success. Grades have dropped, kids are having a hard time concentrating, and many parents are wondering how they can make up for all the learning opportunities that have been lost over the past year.

While there is no way to completely repair the damage that has been done, here are three ways tutoring can help children get back on track with crucial learning areas like English, French, and math before the new school year starts in September.

1. Tutoring Offers Valuable One-on-One Time

One of the biggest things children have lost over the course of the pandemic is the essential one-on-one time that is a big part of successful learning.

With in-person learning, students had a chance to get personalized help from their teachers over the course of a class period. Zoom school has made that a lot harder, which has led many students to fall behind.

Because tutors work directly with children, both online and (when possible) in person, they can provide them with the feedback and personal attention that is necessary when trying to master difficult material.

2. Tutoring Can be Tailored to the Curriculum

Plenty of students get tutoring help for particular struggles, like learning to read and write or overcoming math anxiety. But when tutors know exactly what textbooks a child is using and are familiar with the curriculum being taught in their schools, tutoring can also be a highly effective supplement to in-class learning.

For example, if you hire a tutor in Mississauga through a tutoring agency like Prep Academy Tutors, you’ll be connected with a tutor who knows the math or English curriculum your child will be tested on, and can target their lessons to what kids are actually working through in their day-to-day classes.

3. Test Prep Helps Kids End the Year Strong

For students in the upper years of high school, the pandemic has interrupted a crucial stage in their education. A bad semester in Grade 11 or Grade 12 can have a disastrous effect on GPA, making it harder to get into college or university, so there is a lot riding on this year’s final exams.

Tutoring and test prep can help students finish the year strong, providing everything from study tips to personalized practice test feedback. Many tutoring agencies also provide help with SATs for teenagers planning on studying abroad. Many education experts believe that the effects of the pandemic on education will be felt for years to come, and while we don’t yet fully know what the impact of this terrible year will be for the generation of students who had to live through it, one thing is clear: providing kids with the support and extra tutoring help they need is one of the concrete things parents can do to help them make up for lost time.

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