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How Homeowners in Toronto Can Protect Their Home From Pests

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Owning a home in Toronto is more than a savvy investment opportunity or a place to raise a family. It comes with health and safety responsibilities that must be maintained yearly. In homes across the city, particularly older models, pests can become a common problem — whether ants in the summer months or mice looking for shelter in the winter.

To ensure your home is safe from unwelcomed pests, look at these helpful tools and resources.

Eliminate Entry Points

Most homes in Toronto have several easy access points that act as a welcome mat for pests of various sizes. Some spaces are visible, such as windows or door cracks, and can easily be repaired using a moisture-resistant caulk. However, there are likely more minor access points that may not be visible unless given a closer look.

You’ll want to look closely at the pipes and electrical openings throughout your home, as these can be easily accessible points of entry for pests. Suppose these areas are difficult to seal on your own. In that case, you may want to consider additional resources like pest control in Toronto — a professional company will have the experience and tools to effectively and safely secure your home.

Keep Your Drains Clean

Kitchen and bathroom drains often accumulate debris and particles that can attract pests and act as nesting sites. Regularly inspecting and cleaning your drains with a chemical cleaner will make all the difference to prevent this from occurring. Mixing baking soda and vinegar is an easy DIY trick if you’re looking to avoid professional chemicals.

Use Chemicals or Repellants

If your pest problems are manageable, or you’re taking preemptive measures, there are several DIY tips available at your disposal. Pests can range from spiders and ants to roaches or mice. The right repellant will depend on your situation and its severity.

When it comes to ridding your home of mice, a homemade pesticide is one common option that homeowners in Toronto have been known to take advantage of. Strong scents can be a simple deterrent — peppermint oil has been used to keep mice away from common entry points.

When it comes to pests such as roaches, a similar tactic may be used, though with a different scent. Tee tree oil can be made at home and used to sprinkle around baseboards and the pipes in your kitchen or bathroom. All you need is a quarter cup of tea tree oil and a quarter cup of vinegar, mixed with two cups of water and stored in a spray bottle.

Get Rid of Trash & Compost

While many homeowners in Toronto are unfamiliar with pests finding their way into their garbage, compost and yard waste can also attract them — ants or rodents often consider it a food source or nesting area. To ensure they’re unable to find their way into your bins, secure lids with bungee cords or a cinderblock. After garbage day, thoroughly rinse out your containers to remove any waste or food residue and keep pests from tracking the scents.

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