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What to Know About Getting into Medical School in Ontario

There are plenty of reasons you could be considering attending medical school in Ontario. For instance, you might live in the area and attend one of the top universities there. Or you may like the idea of moving to a booming area. The country also has a lot of natural beauty. No matter why you want to apply for medical school in Ontario, you'll need to understand a bit more about the admissions process.

Creating a Plan

Before starting the admission process, you'll need to have a plan to help you get into the university of your choice. Even beyond that, you'll need to have a plan once you are in school. If you are still in undergraduate, now is an excellent time to meet with your advisor. They can help you figure out the places to be applying to, and they'll help you determine the right classes to be in now. Ask them what order you should take these courses in as well. The advisor can also point you to the right internships, labs, and other relevant experiences to help you become a better-rounded candidate.

It's also essential to think about how you will pay for your education. Many students choose to take out private student loans to cover the cost of their graduate medical degrees. With medical school student loans, they allow you to cover the cost of your education without having to worry about getting a job while in school.

Getting Through the Admissions Process

In Canada, the educational framework is designed to ensure doctors can effectively perform their duties. A few of the relevant roles include leaders, ethical professionals, communicators, and community collaborates. That means you'll need to gain knowledge and be sensitive to community and patients' history.

Since these traits are all highly valued, it might be beneficial to consider each one and how your experience relates to them. That way, you'll have a great starting point for the essays and your lists of activities while in school. Planning ahead with these points in mind allows you to have an easier application process. Today, instead of writing personal statements, you can expect to talk more about your personal characteristics and how they relate to the traits valued in today's medical students.

Doing an Interview

Some schools in Ontario will have you complete an interview so they can learn more about your qualifications and history. There are different formats for these interviews, including panels with multiple interviews. Others may only do one-on-one interviews, and these could be done virtually or in person.

No matter how it is done, the goal is to get a better idea of how you will fit in at a school, and it gives the university a better idea of whether or not you are a great candidate. You can prepare for a medical school interview by thinking about how you can best express your characteristics and how those relate to the college. Then you’ll be well on your way toward getting accepted.

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