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How to Find Ideas for a Family Photoset

A family photoset is a good way to have fun and create memories. In preparing for it, you can coordinate outfits, sets, and more in various creative ways. From looking at ways to customize t-shirts  for the whole family to recreating scenes from your favorite films, the possibilities are virtually endless. Here are some suggestions to help kickstart your creativity and get the ball rolling when it comes to your family photoset.

Custom Outfits

A family photoset is about showing off your loved ones as a group and showcasing the connection you all share. In this regard, customized outfits work very well. They give you a chance to choose a theme that matches your personality and show your togetherness. With printing for t-shirts and other clothing easy to access now, it is easier than ever before to create custom matching outfits for your family. Even when shot in a studio, the photoset will have a clear theme and sense of style with this choice.

Pop Culture Influences

Does your family have a favorite band, book series, or set of films? If so, you can use that as inspiration for your photoset. You might want to replicate the picture on front of an album cover, dress your family in the style of your favorite characters, and more. Pitching a few ideas to the photographer who is running your set can help you elaborate on these ideas, turning them into a theme that can hold up across several photos. The end result will be a fun time for your family and lasting images that show off your personality as a group.

Shooting on Location

Not every set of photos needs to be in a studio with perfect lighting. If your family has a special place that they like to visit, or you live in an area with a lot of interesting locations, then it might be best to take your photoset outdoors. This gives you a chance to show off your local flair as well as your family’s sense of style—or, if you opt to hold your photoshoot while on vacation somewhere, it can help to commemorate a special place you all visited together.

Talk to Your Photographer

Of course, sometimes you aren’t sure exactly what you want to do for your family photoset. That’s okay—a professional photographer has likely seen many different situations and can provide you with input and ideas as well. Remember that not every set has to have a single unifying theme. Your photographer might help you envision certain shots and poses that still show off your family’s dynamic without having a single unifying theme around it.
The range of possibilities for your family photoset are virtually endless. How far you go with creating a custom feeling depends greatly on how you wish to express your personality. Choosing t-shirt screen printing and creating custom products can provide you with a great photoset as well as souvenirs that you can use later on. Use the above suggestions as tools to help you show off your personality and style.

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