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A Day at TMDS

It's 5pm, and I've just picked up three of my four kids and am done working for the day. It's been quite the day! Here's how it unfolded.

9:20am - Hebsy on Sports

Like I do every Friday morning, I went live with Mark Hebscher to record a new episode of Hebsy on Sports. The broadcast was live on Hebsy's YouTube page and the Toronto Mike'd Facebook page.

11:00am - Jon Pole on Toronto Mike'd

Jon Pole owns radio stations and was fired by Bell Media the other day. It's a pretty unique situation, and Jon came on Toronto Mike'd to share the details of how it all went down. You don't want to miss this.

1:00pm - Corporate Recording for Esri Canada

This recording isn't live yet, but you can subscribe to Geographical Thinking from Esri Canada here.

2:00pm - Humble and Fred Live Stream Test

As I mentioned, Humble and Fred quit radio. Monday is the first day of the new era, and that means live streaming the show on their Facebook page. We had a meeting and then tested the live stream until 3pm.

3:00pm - Pick up Kids

It's Friday night. Who wants pizza?

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