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How to watch TV from around the world from the comfort of your own home

As we can speak to people and read the news about anywhere in the world these days, it’s only natural to want to watch TV from around the world as well. If something goes viral in a different country and you can’t find a channel showing that program where you live, you’ll want to find an alternative way of watching it. Here are some of those ways you can watch TV from around the world from your own home.

International football leagues

Football matches are one of the most expensive games to be able to watch in the world. Many of the players in the world's best leagues cost tens of millions of dollars to buy; therefore, the sport has to recoup that money. One of the major ways they do this is with broadcasting rights. That means for many of the channels that broadcast these games; you have to pay a high amount for a separate sports subscription. Even if you do pay for one of these subscriptions, you might find many big matches are simply not shown on one of the channels you have paid for. With so many different games going on around the world at all times, it’s often hard for traditional TV channels to keep up with them all.

Luckily, the internet has come up with a better way to be able to show a lot more games. Nowadays, many betting websites will even offer football streaming live from their pages if you put a bet on the game. Just simply set up an account, place a bet on the game, and then you can watch whether your prediction was right or not on lots of games around the world from your laptop or internet-enabled device. Even if you don’t win your bet, you could end up saving a lot of money you would have spent to watch the game elsewhere.

Subscribe to their YouTube channels

Traditionally if you wanted to watch a TV show from another country, you would have had to find a way to access that TV channel and watch or record it when it was originally broadcast. This normally would have involved paying a lot of money for a bulky satellite system or a special subscription service. These days, many shows simply upload a lot of their content to the internet for you to watch for free. For example, while The Graham Norton Show is primarily broadcast on the BBC in the UK, the stars he gets on the show are so internationally recognized that it’s no wonder the whole world wants to watch it. While it is often repeated a few weeks or months later on different channels, you can watch some of the funniest parts of every show as soon as it’s broadcast by simply subscribing to their YouTube channel.

Streaming on Netflix

As Netflix streams around the world, they’ve started buying and making shows all around the world as well. Although they are made in France by French-speaking actors, shows like Call My Agent have become hugely popular hits with American, Canadian and British viewers. To find these shows, you just simply need to search for them on Netflix in the county you’re living in.

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