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How To Enjoy A Long Engagement While Planning Your Wedding In Toronto

The number of marriage licences and registrations fell in Canada due to the pandemic, and in some provinces, figures were down at least by 50% in April 2020 compared to the same month in 2019. Couples were forced to postpone their wedding plans because of the virus and government-imposed restrictions. For pairs who plan to wait a bit longer, there are benefits to extending an engagement before officially saying, ‘I do’ in Toronto. In addition to the extra time of planning a gorgeous ceremony, couples can get to know each other better by doing things together before tying the knot.

Develop A Tighter Bond
Roughly 63% of weddings are currently being postponed, with couples choosing to take advantage of a longer engagement. Whether it’s the Ontario lockdown or other issues that force you to postpone a wedding, there are still several things that you can do as an engaged couple in Toronto. One of the best ways to bond is to do fun outdoor activities. Whether you hike, snowshoe, ski or skate, getting a taste of the outdoors is a great way of knowing whether you like open air activities or not. Toronto is blessed with exciting trails that go through parks, wooded areas, rivers, and lakes that will keep you engaged and excited. You can even enjoy camping, an opportunity to give your physical and mental health a boost while discovering how you work together as a team. It’s a good test to see how compatible you are in your relationship while pitching a tent or bringing in supplies, for example.

Couples who are not into enduring physical activities can choose to view public art. There are nearly 400 public art works spread throughout Toronto, and there is always something to see and do as a couple. Drive through the Pickering Museum Village and discover your passion for heritage buildings, gardens and orchards. Take a romantic walk at the Royal Botanical Gardens or the immaculate and themed gardens of the Toronto Botanical Garden. You might even find inspiration for your wedding venue. For bride of any culture, be it British brides, Italian brides or Chinese brides.

Plan Your Wedding
Another advantage of a longer engagement is that you will have more time to plan the details of your wedding. There is no need to rush through buying wedding bands or choosing an ill-fitting dress. A long engagement will ensure you have ample time to canvass venues, compare prices of caterers and bands, and finalize your wedding list.

Planning a timetable is key to the success of your wedding, as is setting a budget. Above all, organization is very important. If you can find the time to create spreadsheets that you can share with your partner, family and friends, it will make it easier to keep everyone informed of the progress of the wedding plans. Should you find it difficult to make worksheets, you can also opt for a master list that enumerates everything that must be done before the magical day. It should also include key actors in your wedding and their roles.

An extended engagement is not necessarily a bad thing. It offers couples opportunities and enough time to get to know each other better, and this can strengthen a relationship. Moreover, preparing a wedding is easier when there is sufficient time to organize the details of the ceremony, including finding a venue, dress, wedding bands and outfits, and deciding on the perfect honeymoon.

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