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Caroline Szwed No Longer With Sportsnet

Caroline Szwed has announced that she's left Sportsnet. Although she didn't share specifics, she did reference her car accident of September 2019 as a contributing factor.

In September of 2019, Caroline was involved in a car accident she describes in the Tweet below.

Earlier that year, in February of 2019, Caroline dropped by my home studio for a great chat about her NCAA soccer career, joining Sportsnet and hosting Plays of the Month, Misplays of the Month and Aftermath, and her beloved dog Cash. You can hear it below:

Despite what you might read online, Caroline did not succumb to her injuries sustained in that car accident in September 2019. I've received messages from people who saw the below post on Facebook and worried that Caroline Szwed was dead. I'm pleased to report she's very much alive and I'm looking forward to seeing what's next for her in her professional life.

Fake news items like this have been spotted on Facebook and elsewhere.
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