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Welcome Back: How to Unite Your Organization After Quarantine

After what may have been the most challenging year of the last couple of centuries, you finally made it to January 2021. While the world isn't quite back to its old self yet, the New Year brings a bright glimmer of hope that hasn't existed until now. Your organization will slowly implement new safety and health procedures into updated policies to get employees back into the office. You've been working remotely for so long. You might even forget what it's like to sit in an office for eight hours a day. Indeed, there are benefits to working from home (be honest, you're reading this in your pyjamas right now), but you also miss the office's vibe and energy. Most importantly, you miss working with the team.

It may be a few more months until it's safe for the entire office to come back from working at home, but while you wait, you can prepare for the happy return by thinking of ways to welcome back staff. You'll want everyone to feel excited about coming back to work, and it's more important now than ever to feel united as a team. Consider bringing the group back together with one of these team-building activities.

A Debrief

There will be many questions, concerns, and things to share within the first week or so of coming back to work. What has been unfolding throughout the world has been traumatizing, confusing, and for many people — frustrating. People will want to discuss how the pandemic has affected them directly and what work will look like in the foreseeable future. Ask employees how they're doing and what the organization could do to help. Be sincere with your questions and your follow-through. Working as a team will bring everyone together through this critical time.

Make Branded T-shirts

Making branded t-shirts with your organization's logo will unify everyone and uplift their spirits. You can create custom t shirts in Toronto with a trusted screen-printing company that makes t-shirts in bulk so you can deliver one to every employee in the office. Customized clothing brings people together, and the entire organization can wear branded shirts on outings or at events. Employees will feel proud to work at your place of employment with a custom shirt while simultaneously promoting the company wherever they go.

Team Lunches

If there's room in the budget, ask each department head to take their team out for an extended lunch within the first week back. Department lunches enable team members to reconvene and catch up with their respective colleagues without being overwhelmed by the entire office. It will be an excellent way to ease back into the daily grind. Are you cutting back on costs? Consider department potluck lunches right in the office.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Ensure that staff can look forward to special events and outings. Ask what activities people would be interested in trying outside of work. Organize clubs and lottery pools.

Whenever it happens, going back to work full-time will be a transitional period for everyone. By engaging employees as much as possible with group activities, the office will feel as busy and exciting as ever in no time.

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