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The Various Bet Types Available in Greyhound Racing

Betting on greyhounds is not dissimilar to horse race gambling. However, greyhound races are a bit faster, and that makes betting them more exhilarating than horse races. So, if you think betting on dog racing is something you could try, then it helps to understand the different options from which you can choose. The similarity to horse racing extends to the bet types. In this quick guide, beginners in greyhound racing betting can find out about the various kinds of bets.

No one bet can be said to be perfect because it all comes down to your gambling needs and budgets. Therefore, before searching for Greyhound racing UK sites, start by learning the difference between some popular bets. Note that although these bets are common, some dog tracks might have slightly different names for them:

Win – It is the most straightforward bet. You wager on an outright winner of a race. If you win, the sportsbook pays according to the odds of that particular market.

Place –This type of wager is almost similar to a win bet. You win if your pick takes the first or second place. Because the wager is split between the two dogs, punters only receive half of a win bet.

Show – This type is another variation of a win bet where the payouts are shared among three place holders. The wager pays out if your chosen racer is in the first, second or third position.

Each Way – In this bet, you divide your stake into two and place both halves on the same dog. Half of the wager is for a win and the other for a place. The number of participants in a race determines the place selection. Each way wagers are popular for underdogs because you can earn a profit even if the racer places.

Forecast bets come in several forms, and they involve picking selections in exact order. Below are the top choices:

Straight forecast – You stake your bet on the first and second racer in the correct order.

Tricast or trifecta – You have to predict which dogs will take the first, second and third place in exact order. Although the bet has long odds, the potential returns are high.

Exacta – This bet is the same as a straight forecast except that the stake is limited at $2.

Reverse Forecast – The bet allows you to predict the top two performers in any order. Because the wager covers all possible permutation, it has high returns.

Live Betting

As with many sports in today’s betting market, greyhound racing offers the advantage of in-play betting. With this type of bet, you place wagers during a race. Also called in-running betting, live betting keeps the book open long after the meeting has started. Punters get to watch the odds change in real-time, and they can adjust their wagers to as they see fit. Therefore, if you get new information about a particular race and need to alter your selection, live betting allows you to do that. Most online bookmakers have in-running bets for greyhound racing. Nonetheless, you must be certain before you deposit your bankroll.

Some Betting Tips

Whether you are greyhound racing betting for the first time or need to polish up on your skills, these tips can help you increase your winning chances and potential returns.

Preparation is fundamental when betting on any sport. So, learn the intricacies of dog racing. Information goes a long way. You should also find the right sports betting tools so that you can capitalise on all possibilities.

Study the racers. Don’t bet on a dog whose history you don’t know. Besides past performances, punters need to learn about a participants form. Has a certain dog been getting enough rest and practice?

Just like in horse racing, dogs have grades. Before you begin gambling, know the grades of the different dogs and how they perform at those levels. Check if a participant dropped or got promoted to a higher grade.

Tracks are not built the same, and that affects racers in different ways. Learn how specific tracks run. You will find that some dogs perform better in certain tracks. Monitor track conditions as well. If a track gets wet, for example, know how that will impact the racers.Greyhound racing is among the oldest sports betting option. With the proliferation of online betting sites, it has become easier to gamble on dog meetings. Punters who intend to try their luck in dog racing betting should know the best bets to make.

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