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Exploring Canadian Stories from Coast to Coast to Coast

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Need more Canadian stories in your life? There’s so much to learn about Canada from coast-to-coast-to-coast, and so many people telling its stories. Whether you want to discover something about local history, hear about leading Canadian entrepreneurs or dig into an award-winning writer’s work, there’s plenty of media that will help you get through the winter and learn something new about this snowy country.

If listening is your favourite way to consume media, you’re in luck. Audible Canada is releasing some incredible original Canadian content, including episodic stories narrated by local celebrities, writers and experts in their fields, as well as new and critically-acclaimed audiobooks.

True Crime Stories You Won’t Believe

Few genres demonstrate that fact can be stranger than fiction better than true crime. The lives of bank robbers and the intrepid criminals who pull off world-famous heists can sound like the stuff of legend, but their stories are often surprisingly true.

Canada has no shortage of larger-than-life robbers who’ve earned their place in the annals of the world’s biggest thefts, and you finally have somewhere to go to listen to them all.

True North Heists is your source for all of Canada’s most famous capers, from prison breaks to gentlemen robbers who bring a uniquely Canadian affability to the crimes they commit. Each episode focuses on a different figure, and there’s a fair bit of local history. Plus, it’s narrated by iconic Canadian actor Colm Feore. Not only has Feore played his fair share of bad guys on the big screen, he’s also taken on the role of detective in one of the most Canadian movies of all time, Bon Cop Bad Cop. Feore’s enthusiasm for true crime is sure to rub off.

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Boom and Bust Tales from North of the Border

When it comes to entrepreneurship, Canada is no slouch. There are tons of business success stories that have come out of this country. However, even if you’re an enthusiastic follower of entrepreneurs and their fortunes, you may not have heard so much about the failures it took for them to get there.

That’s the theme in The Revisionaries by Michele Romanow. Romanow is the founder of Clearbanc, a venture capital company that changed the VC-game, a Dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and a powerful force in the business world. In The Revisionaries, she sits down with other entrepreneurs and business leaders and talks to them about the failures and missteps they made before they found success.

If you harbour your own entrepreneurial dreams, you’ll want to hear about how those who made it persevered through the tough times.

Award-Winning Stories from Indigenous Authors

The stories from incredible Indigenous creators across Canada are climbing bestseller lists and achieving prestigious award nominations. From hard-hitting investigative journalism to post-apocalyptic novels, Canadian Indigenous writers are being recognized for their essential perspectives and their work is receiving much-deserved attention.

Where to start? That depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in an audiobook that takes a hard look at how Canada’s history continues to impact Indigenous communities today, Tanya Talaga’s Seven Fallen Feathers may be the place to start. If fiction is more your speed, don’t miss Eden Robinson’s Son of a Trickster, a story that blends humour and heartbreak, and the basis for the new show Trickster on CBC.

There are tons of Canadian stories out there to enjoy. Check out these stories and more from some of the country’s best and brightest artists, creators and storytellers!

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