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Visiting My Boy in Waterloo

Today was a first for me. I drove to Waterloo to meet my boy for brunch down the street from his new apartment. He's living on campus while attending Laurier University.

Korner Kitchen Breakfast & Brunch Eatery

Following a great brunch, we took the short walk to check out his new pad. He's sharing the space with four other students. The next chapter has begun.

I recently wrote about The Fatherhood Conundrum. Today's visit has helped me transition from a feeling of loss to a feeling of excitement. I'm reminded of this exchange in A Goofy Movie.

Max: I'm not your little boy anymore, Dad! I've grown up! I've got my own life now!
Goofy: I know that! I just wanted to be part of it! You're my son, Max. No matter how big you get... you'll always be my son...
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