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The Fatherhood Conundrum

My oldest is leaving home to begin the next chapter of his life. He's off to university.

I spent a lot of time with him this weekend, shooting hoops, watching hoops, and discussing his future. He's got a game plan and he's sticking with it. Yes, he requires substantial financial assistance from his parents, but I'm thoroughly impressed by his resolve and mature approach to his post-secondary education. The 18.5 year old whose diapers I once changed has grown into a man I'm proud to call my son.

I always considered fatherhood my most important job, and the goal was to make my kids as independent as possible. In a nutshell, if my kids didn't need me, I would consider it a success. But I feel a little sad. I'm sad that my sweet baby James is moving to a new city and, other than the aforementioned financial assistance, doesn't seem to need much from his old man.

And that's the fatherhood conundrum. If you do it right, it might hurt a little. A good hurt, maybe even a silly hurt, but I can't deny that panging deep within. If all goes well, James's next night under my roof won't be until December.

I'm really going to miss him, but I couldn't be prouder..

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