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Finding the right web host

So, you want to start your own website. Maybe you’re considering starting a podcast and need a place to link to the archives. Or maybe you want to start a blog or sell products. Or maybe you’re in the process of starting a business and want a website to accompany it.

Many different factors go into creating a website. From finding the right layout to producing great content to optimizing your website for SEO, it might seem like there is always something that needs to be done!

Something you’ll want to take care of early on when creating a website is finding the right web host.

What is a web host?

You might think that as long as you have a domain name, you have a web host! Well, not quite. The domain name of your website is what provides your website with a URL, but the files of your website still need to live somewhere. That is where a web host comes in.

Web host companies provide online servers, which store as an online storage system for all of your website’s files. This includes the written content, videos, and photos that you upload to your site. Your web host will also determine the bandwidth of your website. Bandwidth is what allows data to transfer to those who are visiting your site.

Why does your web host matter?

The web host you choose can determine the success of your site. If you go with a low-quality web host, the success and security of your site can be compromised. A good web host will load your content quickly, which will boost your SEO and improve the user experience of those visiting the site. Nobody is going to wait for a slow website to load!

If you have SEO migration services or a dedicated team that can closely monitor the transition and performance of your website, you can ensure a seamless migration process while preserving your SEO efforts and upholding optimal site performance.

A good web host will also prioritize security and customer support, by offering content backups, firewalls, regular updates, and some sort of support team. All of these features keep your site secure. Plus, if something does go wrong, a support team can help solve the problem.

Are types of web hosts available?

When you look at potential web hosts, there are a few types that you might run across. Shared hosting is common for smaller websites. It provides them with the right amount of server space and is cheap. Those that need something more, such as the ability to host an online game, might need VPS hosting. Some businesses are also switching to cloud hosting.

The largest businesses will need dedicated service hosting. This type of host gives the entire website it’s own server space, which allows a high amount of traffic to visit the site all at the same time, as well as allows a large amount of content to be uploaded.

What factors should I consider?

When it comes time to choose the right web host, there are many factors you’ll want to consider. One is that the website has enough bandwidth. Without enough bandwidth, the website will not load quickly enough for users. If you aren’t sure how much bandwidth you need, choose a web host that has the option to upgrade to a greater bandwidth if needed.

You’ll also want to consider what security features the web host offers. Check to see if they offer SSL certificates, have a support system, and offer regular backups. If you’re not sure where to start, always read online reviews. This will give you the honest opinion of others that have used that web host.

Another factor is the location of the servers. If you are mainly targeting people in the USA you should search for US based locations, while if you are targeting Germany for example you could look up frankfurt dedicated hosting which will allow people around europe to have faster load speeds.

What are some Candian web host providers?

There are quite a few Canadian web host providers for you to consider. You can visit a site such as MangoMatter for online reviews of web host options. HostPapa is a popular choice, because the company uses eco-friendly energy sources, has servers based in Toronto, and offers several features, such as migration from your old site and a free domain name.

Other choices to consider include Web Hosting Canada, Green Greeks, HostUpon, and WP Engine. Before you settle on any web host, always read online reviews. Many web hosts also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to get your money back if they aren’t able to meet your needs.

Final thoughts

If you’re ready to branch out into the world of owning your own website, start researching potential web hosts! Choosing the right web host now can save you the headache of having to transfer your domain name and content later. If you know someone that already has a website, you can also ask for their opinion on different hosts.

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