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5 Golden Tips To Play by During Your First Time in a Poker Casino

So you’ve been playing poker online but are yet to get into action in a live poker Casino? Chances are that you have envisioned the poker room situation as intimidating or unfriendly, which is not the case. Or, you could have watched several movies with poker playing scenes and probably thought that they portray exactly what happens in the poker rooms. All your observations and assumptions can only be proven right or wrong the day you decide to visit a poker casino.

Get Your Name on The Waiting List

Most casinos come up with both limits and games lists (even the online ones such as new casino Nitro casino). Another list (can be prepared on a whiteboard or on a paper) consist of players waiting, written, or signed in their names. If there are no clear strategies on how to get your name listed, liaise with a dealer.

Getting your name on that particular list is the only way to get yourself on the table once a seat is available. It gets even better if you call in advance to get your name readily waiting to be called out by the time you show up in the casino. This enables you to avoid wasting a lot of time at the casino waiting for a spot to be available.

Avoid Making It Obvious That You Are Inexperienced

Most players there only care about making money, which means they have the least time to care about you being an inexperienced first timer in a poker room game. Just be observant of what is happening around so that when it’s your turn, you waste no time.

All in all, some players are accommodating when they encounter first-time gamers, so it’s likely you will be in the company of patient and forgiving ones. It is also possible to encounter an aggressive and impatient lot.

Wait For Your Turn

As much as you are inexperienced, you will definitely rub other players wrongly if you act before it’s your turn to do so. It’s in the poker rules, that every player should only play when it is their turn. Also avoid asking if it’s your turn yet, Just observe how the action is unfolding, and that way you will know when it’s your turn to play.

Display Your Cards Openly

According to, the cards should be where everyone can see them, but protected from prying glances. You don’t want anyone reading them nor do you wish to be suspected of cheating. Poker rooms have clear rules on how the cards should be held, in order to curb cheating. For instance, they shouldn’t be under the table nor lifted above the table. Hold and angle your cards in such a way that only you can have a peek.

Secured the Winning Pot? Only Show the Cards After Being Awarded

You may not even be aware yet that you are the winner, which calls for the help of a dealer to help you read it out. Mucking or discarding a winning card disqualifies you from an earned win because it is the evidence that could justify that you had the winning hand.

The highlighted tips are basically to help you get composed while playing poker, and not necessarily help you win.

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