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The Magic Mushroom Cheat Code of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley – the one place on planet Earth with millionaires, billionaires, and geniuses all squabbling on every square meter.  What do these guys and gals have in common? Well, some of them are microdosing mushrooms, as it appears. Every young person living in Silicon Valley has a dream and they’re willing to do anything for that dream.

To increase their performance and improve their creativity, they’re more than willing to appeal to the benefits of magic mushrooms. Renowned entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, claimed he had been using LSD to be more creative and performant, for instance.

Many would attribute the creation of the iPhone to him using LSD, after all. LSD is a psychedelic, just like magic mushrooms. And there are many aspiring entrepreneurs and even millionaires using magic mushrooms to stay on top of their game. There is a success-driven culture that leads every Silicon Valley inhabitant to appeal to so-called psychedelics coaches.

After all, it can make them more money by improving their creativity, right? It's not that difficult to consume a microdose every 3 days if you follow Dr. James Fadiman's schedule. That way, your body doesn’t build up a resistance to the drug. This means you can keep on using microdoses to improve your productivity for longer periods.

What can you get from microdosing magic mushrooms?

To be more precise, what are the benefits you should expect after consuming psilocybin microdoses? Why do all the most aspiring rich people in the world do it? Or most of them, at least.

Because it can apparently act as a performance stimulus and enhancer. With each psilocybin microdose, you can get the following benefits:

Higher creativity

Better focus

Improved mood

More productivity

Improved wellbeing

A sense of connectedness with the world around you

Flow state where everything seems achievable

There’s a particular study that shows participants had scored higher on tests for the qualities we mentioned earlier. Moreover, participants also exhibited a clear reduction in stress results, less depressive reactions, and more absorption (improved imagination and higher states of consciousness associated with better productivity).

However, the same study mentioned how some of the participants tested slightly higher in neuroticism experiments as well. They were more emotionally unstable than before they got the psilocybin microdoses. The researchers posited that this increase in neuroticism was due to a general increase in emotional intensity and sensitivity.

After conducting a second study with more participants, the researchers concluded that it might have been the participants’ expectations that led to all the benefits generally associated with psilocybin, and not the mushrooms themselves.

Do magic mushrooms have any other benefits?

Besides the obvious “get-rich quickly” property that most Silicon Valley youngsters are driven mad by, there are other properties of magic mushrooms that spark more interest. After many studies performed on the topic, scientists have found out that magic mushrooms reduced depression in 80% of patients with life-threatening cancer.

Moreover, another study discovered that magic mushrooms might be the most effective anti-addiction treatment we have available. This study was performed on smokers and it tested the effectiveness of magic mushrooms and cognitive behavioral therapy as a form of addiction treatment. The results were phenomenal, to say the least.

The therapeutic potential of magic mushrooms is clearly not to be underestimated. It’s a good thing that psilocybin has already begun to be decriminalized in some parts of the world. This is a step forward that will allow scientists to better determine the therapeutic benefits and potential medical uses of magic mushrooms in various treatments.

Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration officially stated that they attributed the "breakthrough" designation to two psychedelic drugs (psilocybin and MDMA). They said these drugs have enormous potential in treating people suffering from various mental health conditions. As a result, they're worth every penny in performing more clinical research.

What’s good about magic mushrooms is that they aren’t addictive, chemically speaking. However, you might become psychologically hooked on them because you enjoy its benefits and you can’t be as productive without them. However, as you can see, magic mushrooms can even help you abandon other addictions.

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