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Snow Day

The plan for this morning was an episode of Toronto Mike'd with Rick Hodge. We have some catching up to do, and 10 jams to kick out. Rick, however, lives north of the city, so we've postponed so he doesn't have to drive home in a snowstorm.

Rick was going to be episode 590, a number once promised to George Stroumboulopoulos. George is out of the country, so I'm letting the chips fall where they may. It seems Marc "12:36" Weisblott now gets #590. That's an audio-only presentation, so you'd better be subscribed.

2020 isn't yet two months old, but it's been an absolute blur. I'm not getting rich, but the calendar has been jammed. I've either been creating content, or setting things up for down the road. The key is finding that balance between creativity and business. There are some things you want to do for the art, but there are other things that must be done to pay the mortgage and feed the kids.

Rick Hodge just called. He says the worst of the storm isn't until later this afternoon, so he'd like to record today. Never a dull moment... I'm going to wrap this up and prep for his visit. It should be great.

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Peace and love... be careful out there.

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