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This Blog Sucks

Yesterday, my buddy Elvis dropped by for our annual Festivus episode. That includes the airing of grievances, and one of his grievances was that this blog sucks.

I've heard this from him before. In fact, way back in 2013, I launched a stand-alone podcast entitled "Your Blog Sucks" because that was Elvis's mantra back then. We recorded ten episodes but it never became the massive hit I thought it would, so it was retired. If you look closely, you'll still find these ten episodes in the feed for Toronto Mike'd.

2019 was the first full calendar year in which I was focused on building my own company. Every penny I earned in 2019 came from TMDS, and I'm here to tell you building a business from scratch is an awful lot of work. Something had to give, and that something ended up being blog entries here on this 17+ year old blog.

Every episode of Toronto Mike'd gets an entry, every Friday results in an Open Mike, and every significant celebrity passing gets written up, but otherwise, this is the least I've blogged... ever. So Elvis is not wrong!

In 2020, I'll try to write more entries like this one. Entries that aren't Open Mikes or Toronto Mike'd episodes or death notices.

Thank you all for reading, listening, and following along as I seek to build a media empire brick by brick. I've got a meeting this morning, but then I'm giving myself a couple of days off before getting back at it Friday morning. Look for a fresh episode of Hebsy on Sports, followed by an episode of Toronto Mike'd with Air Farce founder Don Ferguson.

Happy holidays!

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