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Humble and Fred's 9th Producer is Toronto Mike

What a strange trip it's been! Over 13 years ago I wrote this entry about my suspicions Humble Howard was no longer on the air at Mix 99.9. That got Howard's attention, and before you knew it, I had talked Humble and Fred into broadcasting again using this fandangled new audio syndication mechanism we were calling podcasts.

Since then, we've been through a lot together. There have been peaks and valleys, sometimes all in the same day. I've helped them launch their daily podcast, they've inspired me to start my own podcast, we've yelled at each other, I've been up in Howard's plane, Howard's made a controversial speech at my wedding, and now, Humble and Fred have become a TMDS client. I'm producing Humble and Fred Radio.

Primarily that means helping to book guests, promoting their show online, implementing podcast best practices and helping with live events and such. No, I won't be on their show that often, and I won't be altering the essence of what is Humble and Fred. I'll simply be part of the team, trying my best to make them as successful as possible.

I'll still be focused on the continuous evolution of Toronto Mike'd, producing and co-hosting Canada's best sports podcast Hebsy on Sports, producing Gallagher and Gross Save the World and Not That Kind of Rabbi with Ralph Benmergui. I'm also still producing several corporate podcasts, and looking to add a couple of new clients in that realm. The only thing that's changed with this announcement is that I'm formally working with Humble and Fred as the ninth producer in the 30-year history of their show.

For the curious, here are the eight who preceded me:

  1. Greg Williams
  2. Dan Duran
  3. Jason Barr
  4. Jeff Domet
  5. Bob Willette
  6. Jason Kinder
  7. Eileen Ross
  8. Amanda Barker

I'm excited about this opportunity and personally delighted that I get to work with the morning show that got me out of bed throughout high school. That's pretty damn cool.

Humble and Fred and me
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