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Best cities for living and working in Canada

Experienced expats know very well that knowledge is key to a successful move.

It's not just about the country you are moving to and all its immigration requirements, but also about the place you will choose to call your home at least for a little while.

According to, if you plan to immigrate to Canada, one of the hardest choices is to choose the best place to live in Canada.

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Naturally, some Canadian cities have better opportunities than others when it comes to career, housing, and studies, as well as the climate and recreation, and all the other things that are important to your daily life.

Canada certainly has many positive things to offer. If you are a potential immigrant who is actively considering Canada as a destination – narrow down your search and find out where in Canada, you can arrange a new home for you and your family.

We will identify the top 5 places to live in Canada:

Why Do Expats Move to Canada?

Canada is often at the top of a list of lifestyle countries compiled by organizations such as the UN. It offers employment opportunities, has decent standards of health and education, and is the first country in the world with an immigration policy that is favorable.

The middle-class Canadians can usually afford to live in free-standing houses. The value of the real estate in Canada is generally cheaper than in the UK. However, in the more built-up areas, where there is a high demand for business space and residential real estate, of course, the cost can be higher.

The disadvantage of Canada is often the climate. However, despite what many people think, Canada is covered with snow for up to 6 months a year!

That is when you look at the country, look at the weather, and find a part of Canada where you think you can cope with perhaps more severe weather than you are typically used to.

Two things to keep in mind about winters in Canada are that the country is fully equipped to cope with snow and ice.

Secondly, life is built around the winter weather with its snow and ice, so that sports and social events, for example, consider the conditions and make the most of it.

MoneySense Ranking of the Best Places to Live in Canada

MoneySense surveys Canadian cities annually to find out which city or town is prosperous yet accessible, safe, and easy to move to.

Considering factors like facilities, a thriving community, good weather, and reliable job opportunities.

The survey ranks cities and towns across the country based on






and weather.

The MoneySense Best Places to Live in Canada survey ranked the top 5 places in the country as follows:




St. Albert,

and Boucherville.

Let's dig them further.

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