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A Little More About #TMLX5

Here we are only two sleeps from TMLX5. Some of you are wondering what the heck that means. Yesterday, during my deepdive with Bernie Finkelstein, I kept dropping the term FOTM until he finally asked me what that means. FOTM stands for Friend Of Toronto Mike (or is it Friend Of Toronto Mike'd?) and TMLX5 is the fifth Toronto MIke'd Listener eXperience.

The first four all took place at Great Lakes Brewery, and we'll be back there again in 2020, but this one is happening Saturday at Palma's Kitchen. Palma's Kitchen is located at 3485 Semenyk Court in Mississauga and I'll be there recording live from noon to 3pm.

LieveFamke will be there to both give you a name tag and to help you sign up should you wish to be on the microphone. I'll have four mics set up, with Elvis and me taking two of them for the majority of the show, leaving two for you. It will be my job to ensure everyone who signs that sheet gets a chance to chat on the episode. Some of the higher profile people who have assured me they're coming are Peter Gross, Mike Wilner, Brian Master, Stu Stone, Larry Fedoruk, Gene Valaitis, and Humble Howard. There will be more. I'm hoping you'll join us.

Palma Pasta's very own Anthony will personally give every listener who comes to TMLX5 a voucher so you can enjoy free pasta from their delicious hot table. Speaking of delicious, Great Lakes Brewery is sending over cans of fresh craft beer for everyone. And StickerYou has made up these fantastic magnet buttons for everyone. I'll also have a free copy of My Good Times with Stompin' Tom by Banjo Dunc for one lucky attendee.

So drop by between noon and 3pm if you can. I'd love to see you there, even if you're mic-shy. After the event I'll be selling selfies with me for $20 cash.  That's right, I'll pay you $20 to pose for a selfie with me!*

Don't miss TMLX5 on December 7. I'll bring the mics, you bring the #realtalk. Here's the Facebook event page.


*My lawyer Ron Davis wants me to make sure you know this is a joke. Selfies for all, but I'm not paying a dime!

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