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This Christmas, Get the Winter-Ready Ford You’ve Always Wanted


Christmas is the annual season for spending quality time with family and loved ones, but it’s also a time when driving conditions aren’t ideal. Ice and snow can make roads slippery and not every vehicle is equipped to deal with such conditions.

There’s an uptick in traffic accidents for a reason, but if you go to a Ford dealership in Brampton that’s family-owned and has been in operation for decades, you can find excellent deals and financing options on a range of rugged Ford vehicles that you’ll love driving in winter conditions. Read on to learn more about how you can get a winter-ready Ford this Christmas season.

Ford Co-Pilot360

Many of today’s Ford SUVs come standard with an array of technological features which help you drive with confidence, and which will keep you and everyone on the road safer. For example, Pre-Collision Assist with Emergency Braking scans the road ahead with radars, and alerts you if there’s a risk of collision while the vehicle itself will automatically prepare to stop.

Whether it detects pedestrians or other vehicles, features such as these make everybody safer in every season. The Lane-Keeping system is also designed to keep you from drifting out of your lane accidentally. This feature is handy when visibility may be low during winter months.

The available 360-degree camera makes it easy for drivers to know what is surrounding their vehicle at all times, even during winter storms.

The Benefits of FordPass Connect

Modern Ford vehicles have a range of optional technologies that can keep you connected to the world at large wherever you happen to be driving, and these can be extremely helpful if you need to contact someone for help after encountering adverse road conditions.

For example, the vehicle itself can be a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect as many as 10 different devices to the internet at the same time, which works inside the vehicle and as far away as 50 feet. If you’re in a winter storm and there happens to be poor reception, you’ll be glad to have a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

This way, you can get in touch with loved ones waiting to hear you’re safe, and you’ll always be able to contact your dealership and Roadside Assistance.

Beyond winter safety, the FordPass Connect offers drivers modern features they’ll love in any season. You’ll be able to start your car remotely and schedule recurring start times.  You’ll love the way these high tech features complement the ones you’ve always loved in Ford vehicles.

Be sure to drop in to your local family-owned and operated Ford dealership to see what these features are like in person, or take a test drive to actually see what they’re like from behind the wheel. Reading about such technology is one thing, but check out the vehicles themselves — after you try driving one for yourself, you may just wake up Christmas morning and find the keys to one of these modern Ford beauties underneath the holiday tree.

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