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5 Ways You Can Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Landlord

Toronto is one of the best places to live in the country. It’s centrally located, has a rich culture, and boasts excellent schools, universities, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, sporting arenas, and public transport. It also offers many job opportunities. For these reasons, many newcomers choose to make the city their home.

Due to the booming population, the city is experiencing a high demand for housing. And because of these historically low vacancy rates, many tenants strive to live longer in the homes they’ve rented.

This is easier to do when you have a good relationship with your landlord.

#1 Remain Friendly but Professional:

It’s important to communicate with your landlord in a manner that’s friendly but professional. Avoid being rude or harassing them, even if there’s a disagreement. Try to communicate on text or email to maintain a record.

#2 Remember Your Rights and Obligations:

Educate yourself about your rights and obligations. For example, you have the right to rent a safe home that’s in good repair and has access to vital services such as heat, electricity, gas, and hot and cold water.

At the same time, meet your obligations. Treat the property with love and respect. Pay your rent and utilities on time. Remember, your landlord has a right to inspect your home after giving you proper notice. They may also enter your home to conduct repairs or if there’s an emergency. Cooperate with your landlord to develop a good relationship.

#3 Factor in the Rent Increase

Your landlord has the right to increase your rent once every 12 months by a certain amount. If they have faced extraordinary tax increases or capital expenses due to renovations and repairs, they may apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board to increase it more than the guideline. Be financially prepared for an increase in rent every 12 months in case your landlord chooses to exercise this right.

#4 Let Your Landlord Know About Repairs on Time

Your landlord is obligated to perform upkeep and repairs. Don’t hesitate to inform them if something needs attention. Ignoring certain problems may exacerbate them. For example, a leaky toilet could lead to higher utility bills or a broken window in the basement may invite critters that can cause damage.

It’s advisable to perform minor upkeep yourself to maintain a good relationship with your landlord. Change those lightbulbs yourself instead of calling your rental property owner.

#5 Try Renting Through a Good Property Management Company

Sometimes, the best way to maintain a good relationship with your landlord is via proxy. For example, if you rent a home through Property Management Toronto – not only will you find a great home, but you’ll get around-the-clock assistance, including electrical, heat, plumbing, or appliance maintenance support. What’s more, they also offer rent collection, so that you don’t have to worry about your cheque to the landlord getting lost in the mail again.

In this competitive rental market - it’s especially important to be an A+ tenant. Follow these five tips or simply use the services of a reputable property management company to enjoy a long vacancy in the rental property of your dreams.

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