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Slots for Fun: Slot mania Unique Features


SlotoCards – Get astonishing prizes when you gather cards as you play and the opportunity to win enormous prizes! This is one of Slotomania's most energizing highlights. Cards are gathered by accepting endowments from companions, turning any game, making buys and advancing to extraordinary level-ups. getting unique level-ups.

SlotoQuest – A courageous journey where you pursue a crucial on various slot machines. As you complete the various missions you win rewards and prizes en route in anticipation of arriving at the money box with a definitive amazing prize toward the end!

Syndicate casino Canada is one of the highlights of our excellent experience. Gain admittance to the most current games, extraordinary connected Jackpot-slot machines and day by day money back, just as uncommon rewards. SlotoClub is such a lavish encounter, that blessing is increased!

Snakes and Ladders – We are excited to offer the chance to play the cherished Snakes and Ladders game for the sake of entertainment! Accessible just on occasion, when it comes you'll get the chance to roll the shakers to play and progress onto distinctive S&L blocks - climb (and be mindful so as not to drop!) and win bunches of coins.

Supporters – Maximize the manner in which you play and utilize a sponsor that suits you! Supporters are down enhancers and are particularly important since they give you additional items to enable you to profit much more from the game. As a rule, you'll have to buy them, yet in case you're sufficiently fortunate, you may very well get some for nothing.

Secret stash – Collect mint pieces in your secret stash simply like you used to! At whatever point you take a turn on any of the free slot games we drop a couple of coins into your piggy. That is absolutely pleasant of us, would it say it isn't? You choose when to break it and get the astonishing worth gathered inside. Having a secret stash has never been increasingly fun!

Lotto Bonus – When you gather your Special Bonus 4 days straight you'll have the option to play the Lotto Bonus! The Lotto Bonus is a lottery of Flying Balls where large coin prizes with multipliers are available for anyone.

Blessings from Friends – Partake in our most grounded social element by sending coin endowments to your Facebook companions. You will have the option to send and get a huge number of endowments daily, which are increasingly relying upon your level (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Royal Diamond, Black Diamond). Jump aboard and meet new companions today on Facebook!

Everyday Dash – Daily Dash is about how great it feels to complete things and a fun method to turn and win. Ordinary players are tested with new missions to finish. When you arrive at your everyday objective you'll get complimentary gifts (Boosters, Game Manias, Coins and then some!)

SupeRaffle – Your opportunity to turn into a moment TRILLIONAIRE! Get your SupeRaffle ticket with any in-game buy and enter the wager for an opportunity to win 1,000,000,000,000 coins. That is a ton of zeros!

Gold SupeRaffle – Our top-notch lottery with a significantly greater prize! Gold wager tickets are uncommon so your odds of taking out the colossal prize are much higher!

Tournamania – Win large coin prizes by taking an interest in Tournamania – LIVE rivalries between Slotomania players for the most successes on a slot game.

No holds barred – Tournamania Head to Head is a fight type highlight among you and another player of equivalent level and status, with the goal that the chances of winning are even. Put down a wager so as to take part and those coins will be utilized to decide the prize pool. Champ takes it all in this energizing fight!

Ca$h Link – Partake in our huge bonanza that connections the entirety of our Ca$h games together! Take a turn in any of our Ca$h games by putting a base edge bet. At that point, you'll have to meet all requirements for taking part in the Ca$h Link Jackpots that tie every one of the twists from the different Ca$h games to make an amazing pool prize of a huge number of coins! Again – so a huge number! The games are: Vegas Ca$h, Pharaoh Ca$h, Eastern Ca$h, Chili Ca$h and more games included constantly.

Puzzle Gift – Send a free Mystery Gift to your Facebook companions where they can win one of 3 strange coin prizes! Discover Lucy to win every one of the 3 prizes with a multiplier! You don't have the foggiest idea what lucy's identity is? "Goodness me," she would state to that, "at that point, it's truly time you do!" Check our YouTube channel to meet Lucy.

This segment is ideal for players simply starting their way to free slots fame!

What are Free Online Slots?

Free slots are online slot machines that are played without betting. They are very like casino slots in the manner the game is played – reels are turning, at that point stop and you either hit a compensation line and win or not.

Slotomania is the pioneer of free slots online, changing slot games into a free-for-all, fun and connecting with gaming experience – the #1 free online slots understanding.

Guide for Types of Free Slot Machines

Exemplary Slots – Look like conventional land-based casino games, include one compensation line and 3 reels; additionally alluded to as Vegas Slot Machines.

Did you know? Genuine great slot machines, the mechanical kind, used to be designated "one-arm crooks" for two explanations. To start with, the mechanical switch used to turn the reels gave the machine the presence of one-equipped man. Second – desperados, since people would quality the machines the trait of an individual who is out to beguile them.

Video Slots – The cutting edge cycle of great slots, started in physical casino lobbies when screens replaced mechanical reels.

The primary contrast from exemplary slots is the number of reels and pay lines. While exemplary slots stay with three reels and one compensation line, video slots, for the most part, have 5 reels and various compensation lines – here and there up to 100 out of a solitary game. Video slots, programming based, introduced the period of highlight images, extra adjusts and free games to play and opened up the slot game to vast gaming conceivable outcomes.

Today, video slots are the substance of the free online casino experience.

Natural product Machines – The British language for slot machines. Why natural products? Since conventional slot machines displayed numerous organic product images, similar to the couple cherry, orange, pear and a large portion of watermelon.

Pokies – The Australian language for slot machines. Pokies is another way to say "poker machines". We asked a couple of Australians how did the slot machine get a moniker of a poker machine, however, they couldn't find any significant solution. It's one of these things that simply occur…

3D Slots – Slot games with top quality 3D illustrations and staggering soundtracks. 3D slots normally offer a storyline and will, in general, have an opening grouping, a short introduction to the energized world the games happens in. They present astounding enhanced visualizations that alongside the game highlights offer an intuitive and connecting with understanding.

Versatile Slots – Want to speculate? You speculated right! Versatile slots are slot games acclimated to be played on cell phones, cell phones and tablets, iOS, Android, Windows and Fire OS.

Step by step instructions to Play Free Casino Slot Games for Fun

The best thing about free online casino games is that they can be played anyplace, whenever! They are accessible on work areas and cell phones the same, fundamentally on any gadget that is associated with the Internet. You should simply get online, pick a game, and you're all set!

Slot games are very simple to play. You most likely know the drill – you press a catch (what might be compared to pulling a mechanical switch), which makes the reels turn. Starting there woman karma takes control. It is totally dependent upon her to choose when and how the reels will stop – and that is an immense piece of the good times. You can have great days or awful days, yet playing Slotomania's free slots ensures that you'll generally have some good times a day!

There are no all-inclusive principles for playing free online slot machine games with the exception of one – snap, turn and win!

Slotomania games can be played online, or in our completely stunning App. In the event that you haven't yet, hustle just a bit and download our application. It is the most ideal approach to appreciate the full extent of the Slotomania experience.

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Highlights Review: How to Play Free Slots

Free Spins

Reel turns that are for nothing out of pocket. They are generally activated after hitting disperse or free turn images on the reels.

Wild Symbols

Work as a substitute for an image that you are missing to get the payout.

Disperse Symbols

One of the most lucrative images on slots. Instead of Wilds, Scatter Symbols don't should be on the pay line for you to win free twists and different rewards, however, can show up anyplace on the reels.


As the name proposes, they duplicate your rewards 2, 3, and even 100 and multiple times, contingent upon the game.


Additional rounds with no additional cost that empower you to win prizes.

Extra Games

Free slots with extra games are opened during your interactivity after you hit some particular mixes on the reels.


A non-dynamic bonanza which is fixed at some particular sum.

Dynamic Jackpot

A bonanza that is not fixed, yet increments bit by bit until somebody hits it, after which it returns to its underlying worth.

Tips about Free Slots with Bonus Games

A rewarding game is a game inside a game that allows you to win additional coins. The extra games some of the time pursue a comparable example to the slot game itself, yet different occasions they present a totally extraordinary encounter that withdraws from the conventional turn the-reels.

Slotomania's online slot games offer considerably more audacious and energizing extra games. You can gather things or complete a test to win a major prize.

Each free slot has its reward game and a remarkable method to open it. Generally, a reward game is activated by a mix of dissipate or wild images or even committed extra images. The best tip for opening extra games – trust woman karma, she's your ally!

Slotomania's top slots with smaller than usual extra games are: Cartel Royal, Crazy Train, Civil Treasures, Civil Treasures 2, Mammoth Stampede, Sor

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