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Forget The Stereotype – EVs Can Be Awesome To Drive

Electric vehicles are  undoubtedly the future of motoring, yet, according to city statistics, new owners are in short supply in Toronto. Part of this has to do with the idea that electric vehicles are somehow uncool, something that car mag thinks  manufacturers are finally noticing. The truth is that EVs can be an exhilarating drive, both in terms of car design and the speed and manoeuvrability you can tease out of the vehicle.

Modern variants are powerful

EVs have long laboured under the presumption that they’re weakly powered and can’t keep up with classic combustion vehicles. Recent developments have shown this to be patently untrue. As outlined by CBC,  electric vehicle batteries have developed to such a point that, when contrasting EVs  with other comparable vehicles, results are similar. Of most note is the Nio EP9, a product of a company dubbed “The Tesla of China”, which can reach an astonishing 195mph. That’s as fast as legendary combustion models such as the Lamborghini Countach.

Design issues are changing

2019 saw a big shift from manufacturers, with traditional USA auto businesses getting involved. Harley Davidson were the most of note, with the ultra-macho company debuting their electric bike and a range of new, class defining models that would bring the brand into the 21 st century. Brand is hugely important in car design and reputation, and the movement of classic brands into EVs is an indication that some awesome looking models are on the horizon.

Onboard technology

With electric-first design, EVs enjoy some of the most cutting edge digital designs available. Tesla have repeatedly affirmed their safety and in-drive systems as some of the best around, and they have now been certified by North American road safety agencies. Travelling in an EV is increasingly akin to something out of sci-fi, where you can benefit from the feeling that you are part of the car and control it seamlessly. These sorts of features are often overlooked on older combustion engine models that are purely attacking the design from a technical standpoint.

Electric vehicles are cool. After years of being discarded as a necessary but somewhat undesirable requirement, the input of big manufacturers and development of digital technology has made them become enjoyable to drive. With your next vehicle, consider taking one of the big brands out for a spin round Toronto – you may be pleasantly surprised.

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