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Party for Marty: Live From the Opera House - All 5 Hours on Music!

On September 6th, a Party for Marty was held at The Opera House in Toronto to celebrate the life of Martin Streek, ten years after his passing. I set up my podcast studio in the lobby and chatted with such guests as David Marsden, Alan Cross, Maie Pauts, Craig Venn, Bob Willette, DJ Shawarma, DJ Craig G, Lori-Ann, Darryl Spring, Walter Venafro, Dani Elwell, Robbie J, Pete Fowler, Pina the Inside Edge girl, and so many more. Here's that audio.

While I was doing that, the main room had DJ Dhingra, DJ Shawarma and DJ Craig G playing jams you'd hear at Martin Streek's Live-to-Airs. Thanks to Craig, this was recorded and it's my honour to share all five hours with you now.

Keep it locked and cranked.

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