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How to Get Rid of Muscle Spasms

Spasms affect different types of body muscles resulting in various symptoms. Muscle spasms can happen at any time. They are involuntarily and forcibly contracted, thereby making it hard for muscles to relax. They cause abrupt pain, excruciating, and cramping, which can seem agonizing or intolerable. They are sometimes referred to as leg cramps or muscle cramps. Muscle cramps lead to muscle pain, and they ought to be treated immediately as the pain is unbearable. Additionally, if not treated sooner, it can be difficult to use your motor skills effectively.

Why do muscle spasms occur?

Spasm muscle can happen to any individual at any time, regardless of their age. They usually occur when you take a walk, exercise, sleep or even sit. Additionally, they happen due to dehydration, electrolyte abnormalities, and muscle fatigue. People who also do not get enough Vitamin D, are overstressed, do not like bananas, have food sensitivities, and push too hard in the gym, experience muscle spasms.

Nonetheless, persons who are prone to muscle spasms reasons or stand a greater risk are infants, the elderly, those who overexert while at the gym, endurance athletes, and the ill. If they are painful and do not resolve, it is fundamental that you access medical care to denote other possible underlying causes.

Health risks associated with muscle spasms or muscle pain

There are different types of muscle spasms which cause various types of muscle pain and affect different muscles in the body. They include true cramps, contractures, dystonic cramps, and tetany. As mentioned earlier, anyone stands a chance of experiencing muscle spasm at a particular point in their life, from baby cramp to kidney stones. The risks associated with muscle spasm vary depending on one’s occupation, their level of physical activity and medical history. Some of them include;

Dehydration and development of heat cramps among people who work in hot environments.

Nocturnal leg cramps in persons living with peripheral artery ailments.

Development of muscle spasms in patients with underlying neurological conditions.

What can be done to get rid of muscle spasm causes?

Whenever you are experiencing muscle spasms, it is crucial that you seek treatment immediately as this determines the muscle spasm recovery time. If left untreated for longer periods, the condition may worsen, thereby becoming severe. So, it is fundamental that you seek medical help with immediate effect. Also, below are some of the remedies you can apply to get rid of muscle spasms.


Staying active and energetic is an ideal method to inhibit muscle spasms. Persons who are physically fit do not suffer from any muscle pain. They have less inflammation and maintain more muscle mass. Thus, stretching every once in a while, is efficient in reducing muscle spasm.

Hot shower

Hot showers are also an appropriate means to embrace to reduce muscle spasms. The heat relaxes the muscles, which is useful in soothing the pain, stiffness, or cramping. So, it is advisable to take hot showers whenever you have muscle spasms. It will help reduce the pain and cramping.

Rosemary and clay

Rosemary and clay have various purported health benefits. Thus, they can also be used to reduce muscle spasm. When consumed or ingested, they tend to relax the muscles, thereby soothing the pain.

Use cannabis

Cannabis oils can be used to reduce muscle spasms. They have cannabinoids which are beneficial in modulating pain by impeding neuronal transmission in pain paths. So, if you consider using marijuana products to reduce muscle spasm, ensure you mail order weed from a reputable company.

In conclusion, muscle spasm is an involuntary and forceful contraction, which makes it difficult for muscles to relax. They can be caused by too much exercise, dehydration, and muscle fatigue, among others. It is vital that one seeks effective treatment immediately to inhibit prolonged cramping. Above are some remedies you can use to get rid of muscle spasms.

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