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Win It For

Win it for Damon. We wanted Ed O'Bannon, but Isiah knew better.

Win it for Doug. In those early days, he didn't get nearly enough credit. He was the glue when a terrible team was playing in the dome.

Win it for T-Mac. Like a comet, he shone brightly for a very short time, before heading for home.

Win it for Vince. He was half man, half amazing, and put us on the NBA map.

Win it for Oak. He cost us Camby, but provided a veteran presence to a young team on the rise.

Win it for Mo Pete. Only one man played more games for the Raps, and in an era where the most exciting moment was a slam dunk competition, he gave us the miracle.

Win it for JYD. He drove through a snowstorm from Detroit to join us and I'll always love that guy.

Win it for Chris. In the post-Vince era, he was the star. Nobody pulled down more rebounds or blocked more shots, and only one man scored more points.

Win it for José. Only one man played more seasons for the Raps, and nobody gave more.

Win it for Jonas, T Ross, Delon, C.J., Jakob, Greivis, and all who had to go in order to build our 2018-19 Toronto Raptors.

Win it for DeMar. No Raptor has played more games for the franchise, played more minutes, scored more points or played more seasons. He improved every season, leading us to within two wins of the finals and, when all hope was lost, he got us. Most of all, win it for him.

But most of all, win it for James
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